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Josh Girvin Named BBJ 2020 CEO Award Winner

Josh Girvin, CEO, O3 Solutions Co-Founder

The BBJ named its 2020 CEO Awards finalists, and Josh Girvin is one taking home the honor.

Mandi Coker, O3 Solutions

Mandi Coker Named to BBJ 2020 Women to Watch

Mandi Coker, VP Education & Engagement, O3 Solutions Co-Founder

Mandi has been selected as an honoree to the 2020 Women to Watch presented by the Birmingham Business Journal for her accomplishments in business and the community. article

Startup.Info Interview Article

Josh Girvin Reveals How O3 Solutions is Transforming Construction Project Management With Technology

Josh explains the importance of how technology is transforming construction in the time of a global pandemic. 

Q & A with Josh Girvin

Q&A with O3 CEO, Josh Girvin

Why Construction Must Adopt Agile Project Management

In-depth conversation with Josh Girvin, CEO of O3 Solutions, a SaaS company focused on driving productivity through technology on construction projects. 

enterprise viewpoint o3 article

Enterprise Viewpoint: O3 Solutions Delivering Modern Construction Excellence

O3 featured in September issue of Enterprise Viewpoint as one of the top construction tech solutions.

Since the industrial revolution began, advances in process and technology have transformed countless industries – reducing human errors, improving safety, and driving efficiencies. The industrial construction market has yet to complete this transformation because it is hampered by a cyclical market that focuses on human capital over continuous improvement through process optimization and innovation.  While productivity has remained flat for the past 50 years, there is significant change underway with the shift from traditional waterfall project management to the modern, agile approach of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP).

concord academy

O3 Solutions Announces Partnership with Concord Academy

O3 Solutions and Concord Academy Partner to Promote and Improve Advanced Work Packaging for Capital Projects

O3 is pleased to announce a partnership with Concord Academy to promote and improve the practice of Advanced Work Packaging in the capital projects sector. This partnership positions O3 Solutions as the first authorized reseller of Concord Academy courses, bringing high-caliber, proven training opportunities directly to O3 clients. 

O3 Introduces New Solution Capabilities through integration with Autodesk BIM 360

Cloud-based Software Incorporates Graphical and Non-graphical Work Packaging for Industrial Construction Projects

O3 is pleased to introduce a comprehensive graphical work packaging technology through an integration with Autodesk Construction Cloud’s BIM 360®, powered by Autodesk’s Forge® Viewer. The new integration transforms traditional work package management by providing a single solution that addresses the entire process from concept through commissioning – leveraging the Forge Viewer to create a graphical work packaging solution and pulling in 3D virtual construction models via BIM 360 Docs.

O3 Announces Susan Brandt as VP of Strategic Accounts

Industrial Construction Expert Hired for Business Development at  Agile Project Management Software Company 

O3 Solutions, Inc. is pleased to announce industrial construction veteran Susan Brandt as Vice President of Strategic Accounts.

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Partnership with Digital Construction Works

“DCW is currently working with many of the industry’s top companies. For example, it is working on an integrated AWP on two ExxonMobil projects, as well as Worley, INEOS and O3 Solutions – both medium and large-scale projects. DCW has integrated the systems, people and processes for a single view of the project.”

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Benefits of AWP

Who Really Benefits from Advanced Work Packaging?

By Josh Girvin, O3 Solutions CEO “There is nothing in it for us” is a common justification used for not implementing Advanced Work Packaging (AWP). Many people, particularly those with a limited understanding of how AWP works, cannot understand the benefit to their company and are quick to consider it someone else’s torch to carry....
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Blog AWP Engineering

AWP Forgot About Engineering

by Josh Girvin, O3’s CEO Most AWP implementations are a lot like wearing sandals when mowing your lawn. We spend a huge of time and energy talking about safety in construction at a worksite, filling out lots of forms, having meetings, performing hazard assessments. Then we come home and mow the lawn in sandals. Engineering...
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Setting AWP Targets & Measuring Progress to Ensure Adoption and Benefits

“You get what you inspect, not what you expect” – A very simple but very valuable concept, particularly in modern construction projects. My recent blog post talked about the Owner’s Need To Own AWP. Owning Advanced Work Packaging, however, isn’t enough. Owners also need to set the expectations for performance, in the same way they...
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o3 awp xchange

O3’s Inaugural AWP xChange Event

By Josh Girvin, O3 Solutions CEO O3 recently hosted its first-ever AWP xChange conference, dedicated to the discussion of AWP technology and how AWP can be a part of a company’s digital transformation. I’ve attended numerous excellent AWP conferences that were focused primarily on process and practices over the years. While these are educational and...
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