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About O3

O3 helps you learn how to effectively create, track and manage work packages with our many construction solutions. Work packages are easily created by teams on projects of all types and sizes using our cloud-based platform. Creating a successful Advanced Work Packaging program is effective and simple when using the Power of O3. 

O3’s ONBuild solution is designed to support Advanced Work Packaging for construction execution and WorkFace Planning. It also makes the job of construction managers and project managers much easier. 

Easily Plan Work

Move into the 21st century using modern, easy-to-use, cloud-based collaboration tools across teams, with drag and drop kanban boards, task lists, and more

Manage Constraints Effortlessly

Digitize the constraint management process across multiple disciplines and companies

  • assign an owner and due date with reminders
  • automate constraints based on material availability 
  • allow Contractors and Subcontractors to input and manage their own constraints

Modernize the Construction Process with Automation, Visibility, and Accountability

Create and Track Work Packages

Build work packages with or without a 3D model for every phase of a project with 10+ types available “out of the box” and then track and report on the progress as you go

Personalize Your View

Configure your view of information based on your role or phase of the project, or use a default view with alerts and notifications, workflows and approvals

Drill-down to Learn More

Ditch static PDF reports and move to data rich interactive dashboards, click on any chart or graph to see the specifics and take action immediately

One Innovative Solution Suite to Manage Work Across All Project Phases


Project Management Software for Construction

O3’s solution suite is purpose-built for construction and addresses many challenges in the industry including:  managing training and education across multiple companies, global task management, modern project management that supports an agile environment, WorkFace planning for the jobsite, and standardizing Advanced Work Packaging from concept through commissioning for the entire organization.

To support a “crawl, walk, run” approach, the solutions build upon each other as the company grows maturity across their AWP or agile methods programs. O3 also has mobile apps that help track tool time and safety observations to capture the correlated benefits of productivity and safety for these programs. For more details, visit each solution page

Click on each Solution to learn more


Training & Certification Management


Ensure your team is trained and ready for the job at hand with course management, learning paths, and reporting


Agile Project Management


Move from traditional project management into an agile process with kanban boards, Gantt charts, task lists, meeting dashboards, and other digital tools


AWP for Front-End Planning


Set expectations early in the project for the Owner, EPC, and Contractors with data management plans, process steps, and best practices


AWP for Engineering & Procurement



Provide value directly to the Engineering and Procurement teams with agile task management tools and automate updates for the Construction team


AWP for Construction & WorkFace Planning


Create, track, and manage work packages in one place with constraint management, scaffold requests, and real-time status reporting


AWP for Systems Completion & Startup


Seamless transition from Execution into Operations with real-time information to identify blocking items, assign completion tasks, and track progress


Mobile Productivity Tracking


Record time on tools observations to measure and track the productivity of a jobsite using a mobile app


Mobile Safety Tracking


Collect accurate data consistently to report on safety exposure in the field using a mobile app

Enterprise Edition

Program & Portfolio Management

Enterprise Edition

Standardize Advanced Work Packaging across your facility, portfolio, or company

What Our Clients Say About O3

Client Testimonials
  • “That’s Fantastic!”

    AWP Lead
    Referring to O3's Graphical WFP
    ONGoing projects
  • “This is pretty cool – AND HELPFUL!” It is faster and more accurate. It is good to verify for materials what we need and what is here is very helpful.”

    Referring to 3D Model Review
    O3 in the news
  • “When our global leader can pull up a dashboard and see how all of his projects are performing on tool time metrics, that is a HUGE value to our business.”

    Operating Facility
  • “I’m excited about risks in O3. I felt like I never had a good grasp on risks because of the challenges with data entry before, but I feel that this (O3) bridges the gap. I encourage everyone on take advantage of this tool”

    Project Leadership Team
    Energy Facility
    Large and Mega Projects
  • “The ability to use actions, decisions, and risk tracking across all contractors and companies in O3 will save me 30 minutes a day over the course of 4 years. No more combining master spreadsheets and posting on clunky shared sites” 

    Facility Project Manager
    Portfolio of Projects
    execution phase construction
  • “My interface is with regards to managing my action items and managing workstreams with action items for other folks. I find O3 intuitive and O3 dashboarding is much faster and easier to generate/update than building my own in Excel.”

    WorkFace Planner
    Oil & Gas Megaproject
    o3 solutions
  • “I’m looking forward to using O3 dashboards in our meetings. This will provide great visibility into what is going on”

    EPC Project User
    ENR Top 100 EPC Firm
    lump sum
  • “Honestly, I like O3 over Trello” 

    IT/IM Project Manager
    Referring to Team Boards
    Operating Facilities and Portfolios

The Latest from O3 Solutions

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AWP’s Desperate Need for Consistency

By Josh Girvin, O3 Solutions CEO  “Oh yeah, we do AWP” is a very common statement in industrial construction, usually thrown out a split second after an Owner company says they plan to use Advanced Work Packaging on a project. Heads are nodded sagely, and assurances are offered: “No problem at all. We know all about AWP and have been...
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Data Series: Managing Data Requirements for Enhanced Advanced Work Packaging

Managing data across multiple sources can help the AWP process in many ways. Data management is something that happens on all projects regardless of size or phase. It can range from data entry into different sources such as creating a work package matrix in Excel or compiling the full list of documents in a DMS....
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Scalable Advanced Work Packaging is real; stop making excuses.

By Josh Girvin Scalable Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is real and not too expensive to bring meaningful returns on small cap, brownfield projects with a TIC as low as $50k. From $50k to $50B, AWP is the right answer for efficient & safe project execution. If you’re an owner and you aren’t doing scalable AWP...
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