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About O3

O3 is a modern SaaS platform that leverages Agile and Advanced Work Packaging methods to disrupt the status quo for companies in industrial construction who want to improve productivity, safety, quality, and predictability.

Unlike disconnected legacy tools and manual processes that have failed to evolve, O3 provides an elegant, scalable solution that powers visibility and collaboration throughout all project phases and ultimately drives individual accountability and game-changing outcomes for our clients. O3 is project management software built for construction. 

Our Industry Experience

With over 100+ years of combined experience in the construction technology space, our team is prepared to build and implement software that supports the unique needs of the construction market.

O3’s construction project management software serves projects ranging in size from $1M turnaround projects, to portfolio projects, and all the way up to multi-billion dollar joint ventures. No matter the size, scope, budget, or objectives, O3 provides digital solutions to manage your work.

What Makes O3 Unique?

Project Management Software for Construction

One Single, Modern Platform

Supports Work Packaging

Scalable Across Project Types

Continuous Innovation


Graphical & Non-Graphical

Robust Permissions

Based on Client Input

Easy to Configure

Automated Workflows

Multi-Project Support

Release Every 2 Weeks

Modern SaaS Software

True Constraint Management

Multi-Contractor Support

Web-based Interface

Our Clients


EPC Firms


O3 helps Owner / Operators, EPC Firms, and Contractors building industrial capital assets transform the way they do business with agile methodologies and digital solutions.


Project Management Software for Construction

O3’s solution suite is purpose-built for construction and addresses many challenges in the industry including:  managing training and education across multiple companies, global task management, modern project management that supports an agile environment, WorkFace planning for the jobsite, and standardizing Advanced Work Packaging from concept through commissioning for the entire organization.

To support a “crawl, walk, run” approach, the solutions build upon each other as the company grows maturity across their AWP or agile methods programs. O3 also has mobile apps that help track tool time and safety observations to capture the correlated benefits of productivity and safety for these programs. For more details, visit each solution page



Training and Education Management


Owners, EPC Firms and Contractors benefit from structured course training on implementing new processes or technology. O3 provides a purpose-built platform to help manage and track training progress to support successful change management.


Project-wide Task Management


Digitizing the way your team interacts improves performance and increases efficiency. Transform collaboration with one platform to organize, track progress against tasks, and manage meetings virtually and in-person – and drastically improve your team’s performance.


Modern Project Management


Keeping important information organized and in one place is critical for a project. Project teams need modern, innovative tools to manage work from contract through execution to access information in real-time, improve collaboration, and make better decisions.


Work Packaging for the Jobsite



It’s imperative to the health and success of Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning for the Owner, EPC Firm, and Contractors to have visibility and accountability during project execution. To achieve this, tools and technology must be adopted across all stakeholders.


Advanced Work Packaging Across the Organization


According to the Construction Industry Institute, Owners, EPC firms, and Contractors have started to realize the benefits of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP), with savings up to 10% of the project’s Total Install Cost and productivity increases up to 25%.  


Safety Tracking




Mapp allowing users to create and store safety observations in the field. The easy to use interface empowers users to quickly and accurately gather, report and track information in real-time. 






Clipboards have been used in the field for as long as construction has existed. With automation and digitization capabilities, Owners, EPCs, Contractors and 3rd Party Auditors can more easily collect and analyze data in real-time – to support better decision making and improve field productivity.

What People Say About O3

Client Testimonials
  • “That’s Fantastic!”

    AWP Lead
    Referring to O3's Graphical WFP
    ONGoing projects
  • “This is pretty cool – AND HELPFUL!” It is faster and more accurate. It is good to verify for materials what we need and what is here is very helpful.”

    Referring to 3D Model Review
    O3 in the news
  • “When our global leader can pull up a dashboard and see how all of his projects are performing on tool time metrics, that is a HUGE value to our business.”

    Operating Facility
  • “I’m excited about risks in O3. I felt like I never had a good grasp on risks because of the challenges with data entry before, but I feel that this (O3) bridges the gap. I encourage everyone on take advantage of this tool”

    Project Leadership Team
    Energy Facility
    Large and Mega Projects
  • “The ability to use actions, decisions, and risk tracking across all contractors and companies in O3 will save me 30 minutes a day over the course of 4 years. No more combining master spreadsheets and posting on clunky shared sites” 

    Facility Project Manager
    Portfolio of Projects
    execution phase construction
  • “My interface is with regards to managing my action items and managing workstreams with action items for other folks. I find O3 intuitive and O3 dashboarding is much faster and easier to generate/update than building my own in Excel.”

    WorkFace Planner
    Oil & Gas Megaproject
    o3 solutions
  • “I’m looking forward to using O3 dashboards in our meetings. This will provide great visibility into what is going on”

    EPC Project User
    ENR Top 100 EPC Firm
    lump sum
  • “Honestly, I like O3 over Trello” 

    IT/IM Project Manager
    Referring to Team Boards
    Operating Facilities and Portfolios

The Latest from O3 Solutions

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