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O3 Data Advanced Work Packaging

Data Series: Creating an AWP Data Strategy

O3’s partner Insight AWP is in the business of implementing work packaging in the field and depends on good quality software to manage the process. Which ultimately relies on good...
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awp categorization tool

AWP’s Desperate Need for Consistency

By Josh Girvin, O3 Solutions CEO  “Oh yeah, we do AWP” is a very common statement in industrial construction, usually thrown out a split second after an Owner company says...
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Data Series: Managing Data Requirements for Enhanced Advanced Work Packaging

Managing data across multiple sources can help the AWP process in many ways. Data management is something that happens on all projects regardless of size or phase. It can range...
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early project reporting

Scalable Advanced Work Packaging is real; stop making excuses.

By Josh Girvin Scalable Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) is real and not too expensive to bring meaningful returns on small cap, brownfield projects with a TIC as low as $50k....
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Building the Business Case for Advanced Work Packaging

By Josh Girvin, O3 CEO During our Annual Planning sessions with CII AWP Leadership, one of the greatest challenges to the adoption of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) that we identified...
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Owner’s Need to Own AWP

By Josh Girvin, O3 Solutions CEO “AWP is the Contractor’s Responsibility” is the single greatest misguided thought that is holding our industry back. I want to pull my hair out every time...
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