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Benefits of AWP

Who Really Benefits from Advanced Work Packaging?

By Josh Girvin, O3 Solutions CEO “There is nothing in it for us” is a common justification used for not implementing Advanced Work Packaging (AWP). Many people, particularly those with...
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Blog AWP Engineering

AWP Forgot About Engineering

by Josh Girvin, O3’s CEO Most AWP implementations are a lot like wearing sandals when mowing your lawn. We spend a huge of time and energy talking about safety in...
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Setting AWP Targets & Measuring Progress to Ensure Adoption and Benefits

“You get what you inspect, not what you expect” – A very simple but very valuable concept, particularly in modern construction projects. My recent blog post talked about the Owner’s...
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o3 awp xchange

O3’s Inaugural AWP xChange Event

By Josh Girvin, O3 Solutions CEO O3 recently hosted its first-ever AWP xChange conference, dedicated to the discussion of AWP technology and how AWP can be a part of a...
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awp implementation

For AWP Implementation, Timing is Everything

By Josh Girvin, O3 Solutions CEO  “We have a project kicking off next week and we would like to implement Advanced Work Packaging. Can you help?”  I hear this a...
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o3 awp xchange

AWP xChange: Here’s What You Missed

The first-ever AWP xChange was a great success! We heard some valuable information on the digital transformation that construction must make to effectively support Advanced Work Packaging. O3 clients presented...
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