Advanced Work Packaging 101

Education Tools and Resources for AWP

What is Advanced Work Packaging?

The Construction Industry Institute defines Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) as the overall process flow of all the detailed work packages (construction, engineering, and installation work packages). AWP is a planned, executable process that encompasses the work on an EPC project, beginning with initial planning and continuing through detailed design and construction execution. AWP provides the framework for productive and progressive construction, and presumes the existence of a construction execution plan.

The following are a list of materials and resources you might find helpful on your quest to learn more about AWP and how to successfully implement a program of your own.

avoid scaffolding rework
advanced work packaging

Value of Advanced Work Packaging

Realize the Benefits

Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) provides value throughout an entire project – from concept through commissioning. AWP tools and technology can greatly increase your chances for implementing a successful program. This document will help you understand the value of AWP at each phase of the project lifecycle.

roi calculator

The ROI of AWP

Discover Your Return on Investment with AWP

What can you expect from implementing Advanced Work Packaging for your project or portfolio? This AWP ROI Calculator was designed by AWP subject matter experts to demonstrate the value of AWP when combined with automation and digital processes. With just a few pieces of information, you can calculate your potential savings of AWP. These results can be achieved by tracking and managing work packages, removing constraints, monitoring the overall health of your AWP program, and ultimately working more safely and effectively on your jobsite.

AWP Terms & Definitions

AWP is well known for its acronyms and jargon.

This list will help you sort out what all of those letters mean and the definitions of the basic components. Understanding the value is the first step in implementing a successful AWP program. 

awp terms and definitions
predictive analytics

AWP Webinars

Tune in to our monthly webinar series: What's New in Work Packaging

Frequently, there are new developments around AWP implementations. This is a comprehensive list of the most recent webinars that provide relevant and valuable information.

AWP + O3 Success Stories

Driving the Health & Adoption of AWP

Still not convinced of the value and benefits of AWP? Check out some specific case studies and the results achieved by combining the power of the Advanced Work Packaging best practice with software that was purpose-built for construction.

Digital Meetings

AWP Mythbusters

Overcoming Objections to Introducing Advanced Work Packaging

There are several “myths” within the industry surrounding AWP. We reveal the most common myths, and how they have been busted by leaders in the construction industry.

AWP Events

What You Missed

An easy way to jump into AWP is to attend an event focused on it. Lucky for you we have all of the content from previous events at your disposal. Explore our free content from videos to slides from past AWP events. 

Advanced Work Packaging Conference Recap

AWP eBooks

Complimentary eBooks on Advanced Work Packaging

Want to learn more about Advanced Work Packaging and how it can improve your organization? Check out our free eBooks give you specific and detailed information on Advanced Work Packaging. 

AWP Blog Posts

Read Our Posts on Why AWP Is Important

O3 publishes a new article weekly, so our AWP content is always relevant and timely. Read through our latest posts to catch up and discover the latest trends that apply to AWP and the digital transformation for construction. 

o3 solutions

AWP Must-Have Checklist

What You Need for an AWP Strategy

Are you using a detailed and clear strategy to implement your Advanced Work Packaging program? Use this must-have checklist to see what it takes for success. 

AWP Health Assessment

Where Do You Stand in Your AWP Journey?

Take this quick and easy assessment to determine your company or project’s familiarity and maturity in implementing a successful Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) program. Based on your responses, O3’s AWP subject matter experts can provide recommendations on ways to align your program with the AWP best practice.

awp health assessment
awp implementation toolkid

AWP Implementation Toolkit

Download Deliverables to Help Get You Started

AWP was recognized as a CII Best Practice in 2015. There is a LOT of information about AWP, so it can be difficult to know where to start. This toolkit provides help and guidance for people and companies looking to start their AWP journey. Each deliverable will be structured as a logical, sequential part of the process, and the resulting toolkit will provide a step-by-step guide to AWP implementation and execution.

AWP Choose Your Own Adventure

Interactive Click Book

You are the main character in this unique, interactive click book based on the popular gamebook series Choose Your Own Adventure. You can select which path to choose at the beginning of each chapter – that dives into how you want to build your AWP program and tech stack. The final chapter will find the main character in the midst of a detailed case study that includes the forecasted ROI for your project. You can use your own version of the storybook that can be edited and shared to provide a real-life business case for AWP for your project.
awp choose your own adventure
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