Advanced Work Packaging for Construction Execution and WorkFace Planning

Create, Track and Manage Work Packages

Effective WorkFace Planning requires a single construction software tool that can scope, manage, and progress all Installation Work Packages across all disciplines, functions, and package phases. ONBuild is the first comprehensive WorkFace planning software solution that combines sophisticated graphical work packaging with true constraint management, and comprehensive reporting and analysis to identify and resolve problems before they impact productivity. 

Why Do You Need ONBuild?

Inconsistent Package Creation
Some contractors take a basic approach to dividing work up, and call it WorkFace Planning, often to satisfy an Owner requirement. These approaches can be wildly inconsistent, and often don’t take advantage of industry best practices for work packaging.

Supporting Multiple Disciplines 
Some project teams still use extra tools such as Excel or Access databases to track the packages in disciplines outside of pipe and steel. This disconnected approach leads to errors and inefficiencies.

Disconnected Package Management
Manual workflows, multiple resources, and disparate spreadsheets are error-prone, waste valuable man-hours, and obstruct the view into the work packaging process. This creates confusion, delays, and rework.

Lack of Collaboration
WorkFace Planning is not limited to a single company on a project. Old software solutions require the workface planner to chase down answers and enter tons of data into disconnected spreadsheets.

True Work Package Management

Comprehensive work packaging with real-time status updates and color-coded views, powered by Autodesk BIM 360 & Forge Viewer
Learn more about O3's graphical solution for work packaging. 

What's Included

Advanced Work Packaging for Construction Execution and WorkFace Planning - Create, Track and Manage Work Packages

WorkFace Planning

  • Scope Installation Work Packages with or without a 3D model in one comprehensive platform

Construction Management

  • Drive construction and installation work packages to completion with configurable workflows powered by automation

Status Visualization

  • See what packages are ready for work by color-coded status

Constraint Management

  • Drive users to proactively clear constraints before they impact productivity

Reporting & Analytics

  • Get real-time insight on project status and performance

Scaffolding Management

  • Single interface for both WFPs and Scaffold Coordinators to develop cross-discipline scaffold work packages and manage  requests eliminating Workfront access issues
onbuild one pager

Package Pricing

Choose from several popular package options. 

Benefits of ONBuild


removes antiquated tools meant to fill the gaps


creates and manages work packages with a modern, consistent user experience


increase by executing constraint-free packages


through continuous improvement of package creation and execution process


is overseen within a work package framework


course correction with the ability to manage by exception through action-oriented dashboard reporting


are enabled through innovative visualizations


moves beyond the existing Engineering Model Hierarchy to provide the relevant data, context, and filtering for construction across all supported model types

What Makes ONBuild Different?

Modern SaaS Platform Compatible with Any Engineering Tool, with or without 3D Model

Supports Any Size Project or Portfolio

Contractors Can Create & Manage Packages & Constraints

Robust Roles & Permissions Structure


Status Workflows, Approvals, Constraint Tools

model browser

Relevant Data, Context and Filtering Across ALL Supported Model Types

onbuild progress curves

Progress Curves Provide a Fast, Efficient, and Standardized View into Progress


Learn How ONBuild Can Improve WorkFace Planning With Automation, Visibility and Accountability

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