Agile Project Management

Keep your project's scope, schedule, budget and risks on track

ONTarget is agile project management software for industrial construction. The ability to quickly access a single platform to track all critical actions is paramount for a project. Project stakeholders need modern, innovative tools to manage their projects from Contract through Execution to support better decision making, increase collaboration, and get valuable information in real-time. Leading organizations realize the value in digital solutions that leverage agile principles to increase productivity and accountability

Why It's Needed

Managing Actions in Multiple Tools
A lack of collaboration and disparate sources lead to a loss of confidence in project information. There is little to no visibility into the status and progress of open action items which leaves teams to rely on time-consuming, in person updates or gather information from multiple data sources.

Traditional “Waterfall” Project Management
Rigid process don’t support the most efficient execution for an ever-changing construction environment. Schedules out-of-date and project teams spend more time updating ‘as-builts’ rather than planning to improve performance.

What's Included

Project Management

  • Manage Scope, Budget, Resources, RFIs, Requisitions, Contracts, Documents and other key project data in a modern agile solution

Risk Management

  • Identify, Prevent, Mitigate, and Manage Project Risks as assignable actions within a bowtie model

Schedule Management

  • Integrate schedules from multiple project stakeholders into a single view

Team Goal Management

  • Organize project teams around configurable goals that measure and track progress and drive  corrective actions

Agile Task Management

  • Manage all project actions in a single comprehensive solution that supports reporting, alerts, notifications, and analytics within an agile framework

Package Pricing

Choose from several popular package options. 

Benefits of ONTarget


increases with decentralized action management


and accountability increases for all tasks and actions of stakeholders

Spot Issues

before they impact resource management


with structured approach to tracking progress

Real Time

assessment of risks and tracking actions

What Makes ONTarget Different?

Modern SaaS Platform

Comprehensive Task Management

Agile Framework for Sprint Planning

Embedded Goal Tracking

Real-time Dashboard Reporting & Analytics

Single Solution to View Project Schedules, Capacity & Budget

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