AWP for Engineering and Procurement

True AWP for Engineering and Procurement Combined with Agile Project Management

Providing value directly to the Engineering and Procurement teams is critical to driving AWP adoption. Forcing Engineering and Procurement to adjust their work process or execution sequence to benefit construction downstream will make the overall project more productive. AWP mature organizations understand, however, that the best path to efficiency is one where every organization actively embraces the process for their own benefit and for the benefit of the overall project. 

Why It's Needed

AWP Does Not Benefit Engineering and Procurement
The traditional approach to AWP where engineering uses EWPs to organize their work only provides value downstream to construction by indicating constraints.

Engineering Work Should Be More Agile

Creating an EWP for a team of engineers is not the optimal way to manage engineering and procurement tasks. This work needs to be further broken down into smaller, well-defined packages and daily tasks optimized with an agile approach.

Managing Vendor Data is Complex

Staying on schedule requires the alignment of purchasing activities and engineering deliverables. Managing all of these tasks separately can be time consuming and complex.

What's Included

Engineering Management

  • Manage AWP in engineering with Engineering Work Packages, Design Work Packages, Vendor work packages and agile sprints designed to directly benefit engineers, as well as provide visibility on the interface with Construction Work Packages

Procurement Management

  • Optimize the procurement work process while increasing the visibility and support for construction

Status Visualization

  • Graphically create, visualize and manage the engineering and procurement AWP process in the 3D model

Constraint Management

  • Drive users to proactively clear constraints before they impact productivity

Vendor Data Management and Collaboration

  • Collaborate with vendors to define requirements, assign activities, track progress, and optimize the management of vendor data to support the paths of engineering and construction

Reporting & Analytics

  • Provide real-time insights into engineering and procurement status and health, using an array of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and dashboards, with the ability to drill down and assign corrective actions.


  • Enhance engineering and procurement scheduling and planning to level four, and directly link the project schedule with the progress reporting and status of the packages in O3.

Package Pricing

Choose from several popular package options. 

Benefits of ONDesign

Reduce Time

for engineering hours through optimal work process


increases into the status and progress of engineering and procurement


for the Path of Construction engineering and procurement deliverables


for vendor data by collaborating directly with suppliers


visibility is enhanced into engineering and procurement owned constraints

What Makes ONDesign Different?

Collaborative SaaS Environment for Owner, EPC and Suppliers

o3 solutions

Vendor Work Packages to Optimize Data Management

o3 solutions

Design Work Packages for Planning Work

Agile Sprint Framework to Optimize Daily Activities

o3 solution

Best-in-Class Constraint Management

o3 solutions

Status Progress of EWPs, PWPs, DWPs & More

onbuild progress curves

Progress Curves Provide a Fast, Efficient, and Standardized View into Construction

ondesign o3 solutions

Real-time reporting of KPIs to quickly identify issues

As the Only Comprehensive Tool, Learn How ONDesign Can Improve Engineering and Procurement processes.

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