O3_Insider: Software to Support Advanced Work Packaging – Workface Planning

Software to Support Advanced Work Packaging: Workface Planning

Out of the entire Advanced Work Packaging process, Workface Planning bears the highest cost and greatest risk. After all, nearly half of your project’s budget will be spent on labor alone, making labor productivity and efficiency important. You’re going to want a software toolset that ensures the packages you issue to the field are constraint-free and ready for execution. 

Enter >> ONBuildTM – O3’s Advanced Work Packaging software solution for Workface Planning and construction execution. 

Planners can maximize their time by using O3’s model to bundle construction components into Installation Work Packages (or IWPs), letting O3 handle drawing assignments and material allocation. Want to track your progress in the field? O3 knows which execution tasks to add based on the components you select. 

O3’s ONBuild solution makes Workface Planning easy by templatizing your work packages with preset development steps and constraints. It also allows you to auto-generate status-specific approvals to ensure that the right people are reviewing your IWPs and doing so on time.  

Managing your project’s actions in O3 is straightforward – you can use the My Actions view to see everything in one place, or you can view them by action type, like approvals and constraints. 

With associations, you can make sure all your work packages are interconnected. Predecessor and successor relationships can be used to sequence your work and identify constraints against other packages. 

Each project is highly configurable to your specific needs. O3’s workflow settings allow you to establish the necessary checks and balances to guarantee a work package isn’t transitioned too soon. You have the ability to lock in start and finish dates, so your data remains accurate.  

On top of that, ONBuild provides visibility! O3’s out-of-the-box dashboards track your construction KPIs in real time. Of course, you can create your own as well.  

Using a dedicated solution like ONBuild will drastically reduce planning time and costs, ensuring that our software pays for itself many times over. To learn more, visit www.o3.solutions 

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