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Watch our webinar series or one of our partner webinars to learn more about the O3 product, industrial news and information, Advanced Work Packaging for construction and agile project management methodology. 

O3 Webinar:

What’s the ROI of an AWP Software? 

Thursday, September 28 at 10 AM CST

Discover the true return on investment for an AWP software by tuning into this valuable webinar. We’ll discuss the costs vs benefits of using software to support AWP as well as answer questions on how you can easily scale the software across projects and portfolios with success. 




O3 Webinar Rewind

Overcoming the Biggest AWP Challenges

September 14 at 11 AM CST

Scaling AWP 

October 12 at 11 AM CST

The Best AWP Software

November 9 at 2 PM CST

O3 Hosted Webinars

O3 Webinar: How Technology Can Turn Your AWP Program Into a Success

Take a look at how using technology is imperative to successfully implementing and supporting an Advanced Work Packaging program. O3 Project Manager, KK, will be diving into O3 and the market-leading solutions that can help you transform your project.

O3 Webinar: The Best AWP Software

More and more Owners are requiring AWP on projects. But what’s the best way to support a successful AWP program? Software and cloud-based solutions can help lead your team to success and assist in winning more projects. Join us as O3 Product Manager, Colin Budka, walks us through the latest and greatest features in O3 and how our market-leading software has been battle tested to deliver the best results for your AWP program.

O3 Webinar: AWP Implementation - Where to Start

AWP was recognized as a CII Best Practice in 2015. As more and more Owners are requiring EPCs to use AWP on projects it’s imperative to understand what software and solutions exist to support a successful program. There is a LOT of information about AWP, so it can be difficult to know where to start. In this webinar we will focus on the key information sources and the most easily accessible information. We will also discuss the leading software on the market that is designed specifically to support an AWP program including the services to successfully launch it

O3 Webinar: Overcoming the Biggest AWP Challenges

Andrew Foy, O3 VP AWP & Construction, presents how to overcome some of the biggest and most common challenges associated with AWP and implementation. He’ll show you how projects of all sizes tackle these challenges while using market-leading software to support a successful AWP program.


O3 Webinar: Scaling AWP - Success Stories from the Field

While it is true that deploying AWP on small-cap projects has some unique challenges that you don’t find on most large-cap greenfield projects, the overwhelming evidence is in small-cap AWP works and works at scale! O3 paved the way for this by being the first company to do scalable AWP with entire programs of small-cap projects being managed at existing owner facilities. 

O3 Webinar: Move From AWP Skeptic to Champion

There are traditionally two types of Advanced Work Packaging skeptics:

1. We don’t need this. We are great at executing projects. 2. We’ve been doing this for thirty years already. We just didn’t call it AWP.

So, if your job is to implement AWP on a project or in a company, how do you turn these people from AWP skeptics into AWP champions? The answer differs depending on which of the two camps they are in. Join us as we take a look at some of the common reasons to be skeptical of AWP as well as ways to overcome them and become a champion for this ever-growing methodology.

O3 Webinar: Are Oil and Gas Ready for Digitalization?

While other industries get more and more efficient, industrial construction has been stagnant or deteriorating since the fifties. It’s a race to go digital, but are the oil and gas industries ready? Join Chris McDowra, O3 Project Manager, for a discussion on where the industry stands today and the need for it to change now. He’ll walk through the market-leading solutions and software that can transform oil and gas into modern operations.

O3 Webinar: What's the Benefit of AWP?

O3 CEO, Josh Girvin, discusses the benefits of Advanced Work Packaging and how EPCs and Owners can successfully implement it on projects of all types and sizes. Learn the value of an AWP program and the best tools that you can start using to make it a success.

O3 Webinar: Supporting AWP on Projects Under $100Million

While it is true that deploying AWP on small-cap projects has some unique challenges that you don’t find on most large-cap greenfield projects, the overwhelming evidence is that small-cap AWP works and works at scale! O3 paved the way for this by being the first company to do scalable AWP with entire programs of small-cap projects managed at existing owner facilities. 

O3 Webinar: Linkedin Live - Ask Me Anything with Josh Girvin!

Josh Girvin, O3 Solutions CEO, answers the most common questions surrounding Advanced Work Packaging software.

o3 webinar

O3 Webinar: Level 3, Managing 3D Model Data to Support AWP & Digital Twins

O3 Project Manager, Chris McDowra, walks you through how O3 supports AWP data in a 3D model and digital twins. Learn how the data is consumed from a variety of formats including pipe and steel and everything else that is required to construct a virtual construction model. 

o3 webinar data

Level 2, Managing Data to support Construction & Engineering Work Packages

O3’s resident “data wizard” Justin Francis presents how to manage your data to support construction and engineering work packages. He walks us through how O3 is purpose-built to consume data across all projects and all disciplines. You’ll learn how O3 integrates with data sources and can match data with or without a 3D model. 

awp xchange

AWP xChange: Contractor Summit

In this Contractor Summit, you’ll learn from top industrial construction AWP experts and contractors who have successfully deployed AWP on projects and included it in contracts with owners. You’ll also have the opportunity to network with other contractors to learn how they are tackling some of the same problems you may be facing. Leave with real tools that you can begin using to successfully implement AWP on projects.


Best-in-class Approach to Implementing Execution Project Software

A deep dive into O3’s software to see how our solutions are leading the industry in project execution for industrial construction. You’ll also learn how O3 sets you and customers up for success by fully training your team during implementation so that you can become self-sufficient with the software.

level 1 managing data

Level 1, Getting Started with Managing Data to Support WFP & AWP

Join us for this informative webinar as our Project Manager, Mike Hellenga, shares a client success story for a large pipeline project. O3 and the client configured multiple data sources to increase visibility and realize the benefits of AWP within just a few short weeks. We will an overview of the project, the benefits already realized, lessons learned, and what’s next for the project.


Building a Business Case for AWP

There is a true lack of decision-maker buy-in on the business case for Advanced Work Packaging implementation. Many project professionals recognize the value in adopting an AWP-based execution strategy, but struggle to convince their management team, who are looking for proven quantification of the benefits to justify any additional cost.

avoid extinction

Avoid Extinction Before It's Too Late

Learn the value of a ‘crawl, walk, run’ approach to introducing digital tools. You’ll also discover that you don’t have to implement AWP on every project right away. Going digital is the first step to survival when it comes to adopting new processes like WFP and AWP.

digtial constraint management

Digital Constraint Management

O3 presents what true constraint management should include, the importance of assigning and managing constraints, and how to support collaboration with best-in-class software to make it easy and effective. 

awp toolkit

AWP xChange Mini-Series Executing AWP

Andrew Foy presents the third and final summit of the AWP xChange mini-series: Executing AWP – How to implement AWP during detailed design and construction, through to commissioning and completions. In this interactive session, you will have the ability to provide feedback and gain free access to tools and downloads.

O3 Webinar

Using Technology to Support the 4 Levels of AWP Maturity in Engineering

At the AWP Conference in October, we began the discussion on how Engineering is the next major frontier for AWP. In this follow-on webinar, Josh Girvin, CEO of O3 Solutions (aka Burt Reynolds from Construction Week tonight!), will dive deep into the 4 Levels of AWP Maturity for Engineering and how technology can be used to support each level to improve efficiency, labor productivity, quality, and predictability.

AWP xChange Mini-Series Setting Up for AWP Success

O3 hosts the next installment of the AWP xChange event series. In this 2-hour session, presenter Andrew Foy, O3’s Director of AWP & Construction Excellence, will continue the 3-part series on how to set up your Advanced Work Packaging Program for success.

awp xchange

AWP xChange Mini-Series Building a Foundation for AWP

We are excited to share that O3 is hosting the next installment of the AWP xChange event series. In the beginning of this 2-hour session, Andrew Foy, O3’s Director of AWP & Construction Excellence, will kick off a 3-part series on building a foundation to support the Advanced Work Packaging best practice.

Digital Tool Time Tracking

Manual vs. Digital Tool Time Tracking: ONTools Mobile App

Projects & operating facilities often invest in expensive manual audits that are conducted a couple of times each year. Not only does this manual process introduce possible reporting inconsistences and human errors, it also creates a lag in information and keeps crews from addressing issues when needed. With a purpose-built application that includes a mobile app and dashboard reports, project teams can accurately measure and capture tool time observations digitally, directly in the field to understand problem areas and solve them in real-time.

o3 webinar

Introducing ONField, Mobile WorkFace Planning

Workface Planning has been limited to desktop applications and printed PDFs  – a manual process that limits two-way communication. When an IWP is changed based on information from the field, multiple versions can exist, which leads to issues with revision management, progress updates, requests for information, constraint management, and more. This webinar introduces ONField – a new mobile app designed specifically for managing work packages directly in the field.

o3 solutions

Top 14 Construction & Engineering KPIs You Should be Tracking and Why

Hear from O3 project management team’s Nick Maloof on what top 14 WorkFace Planner and Engineering metrics you should be tracking and how O3’s platform can easily support it. 

awp for contractors

AWP for Contractors: How to Be Successful with or without Owner's Support

This webinar focuses specifically on the challenges Contractors face when implementing Advanced Work Packaging and Workface Planning. Is your Owner/Operator client not familiar with AWP processes? Not sure if AWP works in a Lump Sum contract? Dealing with Subcontractors with no AWP experience? 

o3 data webinar

Using Data to Support Work Packaging with a 3D Model

O3 resident data expert, Justin Francis, to discuss how AWP can be enhanced with the right data attributes to support a 3D model and graphical work packaging.

advanced work packaging data

Creating a Data Strategy to Support AWP

We continue the discussion around the importance of data for Advanced Work Packaging. Our next session will cover information management, the importance of data standards, and strategies to help you understand best practices around collecting data to support work packaging.

o3 solutions data strategy

What's New in Work Packaging: Managing Data to Enhance Collaboration with Advanced Work Packaging

Join us for this informative webinar as our Project Manager, Mike Hellenga, shares a client success story for a large pipeline project. O3 and the client configured multiple data sources to increase visibility and realize the benefits of AWP within just a few short weeks. We will an overview of the project, the benefits already realized, lessons learned, and what’s next for the project. 

o3 solutions

O3 & Concord Academy Present: How self-paced training is addressing training needs in remote/Covid environment.

Join us for a short webinar on ways to meet your training program objectives, even with the unknowns of today’s construction environment. Olfa Hamdi, Co-founder & CEO of Concord Academy, and Anne Randall, Director of Client Success for O3, will share best practices and advice for establishing a successful training program for your project, regional office, or corporate-wide initiative. They will also provide an overview of a recent client success story.

o3 solutions

What's New in O3: Introducing One Comprehensive Suite of Solutions

Join Josh Girvin, CEO, O3 Solutions, for an in-depth look at our new suite of solutions. We’ll highlight some of the features in each solution that can help your organization make the shift into digital project management or implement a successful project delivery program.

We’ve got it all in our new suite!

True work packaging

Moving from Planning to Action - How to Go Beyond PDF Reports, Spreadsheets & Checklists

Join O3’s CEO (and resident Advanced Work Packaging Evangelist!) as he shares his views on the current landscape for AWP and WorkFace Planning. Get a look at the AWP technology and methods currently in use today and discuss what some companies are doing to support work packaging – with a few new ideas that we believe you should know more about.

whats new in o3 webinar

What's New in O3: Agile Project Management for Construction

While working with our clients, we have discovered new ways to help deliver safer, more productive projects using our software in this new socially-distant and sometimes virtual environment.

Join us for a tour of O3 and the many benefits associated with using an agile project management tool for construction projects of all sizes. 

closeout work packages faster

Contractor Lessons From the Jobsite

O3’s software supports Contractors through managing a project from start to finish. In this webinar we sit down with two O3 Project Managers to discuss the challenges and issues that Contractor’s face and how they overcame them using our technology in the field. 

vendor supplier

Technology, Tools & Solutions for Owner/Operators

Josh Girvin, CEO of O3 Solutions presents an in-depth discussion on how tools, technology and solutions can improve processes, productivity, visibility and more for Owners and Operating Facilities. 

case study provide better visibility

Role of the WorkFace Planner

As owners, EPCs, and constructors increase their knowledge and experience delivering Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning processes, the role of the WorkFace Planner continues to evolve. Join us for this educational webinar to hear the latest innovation to support work packaging.

by industry

We share how O3 can help you move away from outdated manual processes to digitize and automate the process. O3’s Constraint Management solutions applies to all work package types, all project sizes and scopes, and both greenfield and brownfield projects. 

Discover how O3 is assisting in the digital transformation for workface planning. 

Using O3 Solutions ONCourse package can help you with course management, training for new processes and is a cloud-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere.


In this webinar you’ll learn 5 Advanced Work Packaging technology trends you need to know right now. 

Partner Webinars

O3 Solutions Autodesk Forge

Autodesk Forge Partner Talks

O3 Solutions CEO, Josh Girvin presents how real-time data and analytics are being leveraged by O3 using Forge Viewer and BIM 360.  

O3 Solutions and Group ASI take a look at the changing landscape of office culture and the shift to working remote. 

engineering procurement

O3 Solutions and Group ASI discuss the importance of an Advanced Work Planning strategy and implementation best practices. 

construction management

O3 Solutions and Group ASI share ways to drive success in your Advanced Work Packaging program with technology. 

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