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Our webinars are hosted monthly in addition to any partner webinars that we participate in.

Watch our webinar series or one of our partner webinars to learn more about the O3 product, industrial news and information, Advanced Work Packaging for construction and agile project management methodology. 

True work packaging
What’s New in Work Packaging: Comprehensive Work Packaging, 3D Modeling & Status Visualization in ONE Platform

For this month’s webinar, we are joining O3 CEO, Josh Girvin as he shares details around our new comprehensive work package management solution. You don’t want to miss this game-changing webinar that could completely transform your work packaging program.

Now available on-demand. 

O3 Hosted Webinars

whats new in o3 webinar

While working with our clients, we have discovered new ways to help deliver safer, more productive projects using our software in this new socially-distant and sometimes virtual environment.

Join us for a tour of O3 and the many benefits associated with using an agile project management tool for construction projects of all sizes. 

close out work packages faster
o3 solutions construction case study

O3’s software supports Contractors through managing a project from start to finish. In this webinar we sit down with two O3 Project Managers to discuss the challenges and issues that Contractor’s face and how they overcame them using our technology in the field. 

Technology, Tools & Solutions for Owner/Operators

Josh Girvin, CEO of O3 Solutions presents an in-depth discussion on how tools, technology and solutions can improve processes, productivity, visibility and more for Owners and Operating Facilities. 

Role of the WorkFace Planner

As owners, EPCs, and constructors increase their knowledge and experience delivering Advanced Work Packaging and WorkFace Planning processes, the role of the WorkFace Planner continues to evolve. Join us for this educational webinar to hear the latest innovation to support work packaging.

We share how O3 can help you move away from outdated manual processes to digitize and automate the process. O3’s Constraint Management solutions applies to all work package types, all project sizes and scopes, and both greenfield and brownfield projects. 

Discover how O3 is assisting in the digital transformation for workface planning. 

Using O3 Solutions ONCourse package can help you with course management, training for new processes and is a cloud-based platform that can be accessed from anywhere.

Learn how O3 assists in the early phases of a project and continues throughout to ensure Advanced Work Packaging success. 

In this webinar you’ll learn 5 Advanced Work Packaging technology trends you need to know right now. 

Partner Webinars

O3 Solutions Autodesk Forge

Autodesk Forge Partner Talks

O3 Solutions CEO, Josh Girvin presents how real-time data and analytics are being leveraged by O3 using Forge Viewer and BIM 360.  

O3 Solutions and Group ASI take a look at the changing landscape of office culture and the shift to working remote. 

O3 Solutions and Group ASI discuss the importance of an Advanced Work Planning strategy and implementation best practices. 

O3 Solutions and Group ASI share ways to drive success in your Advanced Work Packaging program with technology. 

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