We Are Agile.


If you’re new to agile project management and the methodology behind it or want to learn more about O3, download our free infographics below. You’ll learn how O3 is working with our clients to apply new methods and digital tools to realize better project outcomes.

Leading Indicators

What is Agile Project Management?

Get a quick introduction to agile project management and its benefits.

A Quick Snapshot of O3 Solutions

See a quick overview of O3 by the numbers – projects, clients, and more.

Introducing Agile to Construction

Learn how O3 can move your organization from rigid, traditional project management methods to become more agile and reactive to your ever-changing environment.

New Solutions to Old Problems

Clients Achieve Higher ROI with Digital Solutions

Increase Productivity
Spend more time on tools instead of managing constraints holding up work
Reduce Costs
Avoid time charges associated with manual processes and data collection
Save Time
Reduce time spent searching for documents or information

Our Expertise

Software Designed by Subject Matter Experts

O3 is a user-friendly and modern software that improves productivity on projects from the office to the construction job site. We enable work packaging and agile processes with automation, digital solutions, and the ability to support complex workflows and approvals.

Our solutions are scalable to address the needs of any project or portfolio size or type and drives accountability for Owner-Operators, EPC firms, and Contractors from the executive level to field level users. Our software is easy to configure and web-based so you can access your team or project’s data anytime and anywhere.