Advanced Work Packaging
Implementation Toolkit

Download the following materials discussed in the AWP xChange Sessions.
What is Advanced Work Packaging? 

AWP began as a Workface Planning (WFP), and was initially developed in Canada as an effort to reverse declining field productivity by improving execution planning and efficiency. This concept was then extended into a partnership between the Construction Owners Association of Alberta (COAA) and the Construction Industry Institute (CII).

AWP was recognized as a CII Best Practice in 2015. There is a LOT of information about AWP, so it can be difficult to know where to start. Below, we will focus on the key information sources and most easily accessible information.

The intent for this toolkit is to provide help and guidance for people and companies looking to start their AWP journey. Each deliverable will be structured as a logical, sequential part of the process, and the resulting toolkit will provide a step-by-step guide to AWP implementation and execution.

Learning About AWP


In this deliverable, we will start our journey by learning what AWP is, and how to access the abundant available information on AWP that exists from various sources and providers.


Business Case and ROI


In this second deliverable, we will continue to track the path of AWP implementation within a company by
looking at what is needed to get management approval to start using AWP.


Choosing a Pilot Project


In this third deliverable, we will look at what you need to consider when selecting a pilot project for AWP implementation.


AWP Procedure


In this fourth deliverable, we will look at what you need to consider when establishing an AWP Procedure for AWP implementation.


AWP Workflows


In this fifth deliverable, we will examine and walk through the various types of workflows needed to successfully implement AWP. 


AWP Software


In the sixth deliverable, you will learn how to pick the best software and the key factors to consider to successfully support your AWP program. 


AWP xChange Sessions

Watch the latest webinar session and register for the next one to learn how to use your AWP tools.

AWP xChange: Building a Foundation for AWP

Part 1 of 3 mini-sessions

In this first session, we cover “Learning & Planning” topics including:

  • getting started with AWP education
  • an AWP basics review -selecting your first AWP project
  • putting together a business case to gain management buy-in
  • defining relevant procedures and workflows
  • selecting the right technology for your program
  • identifying the tools and templates you need to get started

AWP xChange: Setting Up for AWP Success

Part 2 of 3 mini-sessions

We are excited to share that O3 is hosting the next installment of the AWP xChange event series. In this two-hour session, Andrew Foy, O3’s Director of AWP & Construction Excellent, presents the second part of the three-part series that will serve as the foundation for the O3 AWP Implementation Toolkit. In this second session, we will discuss the various elements that we will plan to provide in the AWP Implementation Toolkit – with a focus on the early engineering and planning stages.

These topics will include:

  • Path of Construction
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Creating a project AWP plan

Creating a schedule and estimate to support AWP? Are you just starting your AWP journey? What’s in your toolkit? O3’s free AWP Implementation Toolkit will prepare you for the road ahead, and this is your opportunity to have a say over what goes into it. We’ll share an overview of the toolkit and host a virtual interactive workshop using Mural to gather your thoughts and ideas on the templates, tools, and technology you’ll need along the way. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to provide your input!

AWP xChange: Executing AWP - Detailed Design and Construction

Part 3 of 3 mini-sessions
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