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Using a new technology can be intimidating. There’s so much to learn! Once you get over the initial shock of trying something new, you’ll realize just how beneficial and EASY it is to use. We’ve put together a list of the best 7 pro hacks from our customer success team since they spend the most time with our O3 super users.

PRO HACK 1: You can “watch” items, meaning you can receive an automatic notification when something changes that affects that specific item.

This comes in handy when you’re waiting on an action item from someone else that will affect your task.

PRO HACK 2: Did you know you can create a folder in your Outlook or Mail app called “O3 Alerts” with a rule?

This way you can easily group and organize all alerts from O3 in one place.

PRO HACK 3: There’s no need to recreate the data analytics wheel.

O3 provides dashboard templates so you can quickly create data analytics and reporting.

PRO HACK 4: Did you know you can resize columns in any grid view via “click and drag”?

That’s right! We’ve made personalizing your dashboard simple and easy. Just click and drag what you want to be the size you prefer.

PRO HACK 5: You can schedule routine exports of your favorite data grids in O3.

No need to go pull reports daily, weekly or monthly. Simply schedule them so you receive them on time and in an effective manner.

PRO HACK 6: Did you know dragging a field name above a data grid allows you to group data by that field?  

O3 is intuitive and will detect the data that you are trying to associate from the field name to the grid.

PRO HACK 7: You can delete entities and clear fields in O3 via import, as opposed to doing this manually line-by-line.

We’re all about saving you time and eliminating redundancies. We’ve made it super easy to delete and clear fields via import so you aren’t having to manually do this.

Of course there’s plenty more hacks and pro tips when using O3 but we felt these were pretty helpful based on our user’s feedback. For more information check out our resources on our website at

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