Finally, A Single Platform to Truly Manage Work Packaging

Managing work packages has historically been complex and challenging.  The process has required separate project stakeholders to use multiple systems, leveraging a variety of disparate data sources.  

Teams are still doing it manually today through a variety of processes and tools.

An installation work package is first initialized from a “parent” construction work package. The package is scoped by selecting individual components manually from drawings and then separately from a 3D model for specific disciplines such as pipe and steel.  

Next, the work is sequenced based on the path of construction. Any constraints are identified and listed on a spreadsheet and manually managed through emails, phone calls, and text messages. Then the package is approved for release to execution.  After that, a pdf of the IWP is printed and handed to the foreman to take to the field. Once construction work is performed, progress is recorded on paper and manually re-entered in a database,    

This is clearly a complicated lifecycle for a single work package. Multiply that complexity by hundreds or thousands of packages across multiple teams, disciplines, and work areas, and you can see how challenging managing the process can become.   

Until now, a single solution that truly encompasses the entire process was not available.   


The O3 Work Packaging solution includes a 3D virtual construction model for graphical work package scoping, and 3D visualizations of package status, constraint status, material availability, package progress, and more.    

O3’s graphical engine works seamlessly with O3’s non-graphical work package scoping and management tools including package workflow automation, statusing, approvals,  release management, constraint management,  data management, and comprehensive reporting to provide a single consistent interface for managing all packages on a project.  

To support every stakeholder, O3 provides default out-of-the-box reports and system views tailored for each role in the process – whether you are a practitioner, planner, manager, or executive.   
Each view provides interactive dashboards configured to the appropriate level to reduce the time it takes to identify issues, make decisions, and take action.  

O3’s work packaging solution removes manual processes, disparate tools, and countless spreadsheets from the package lifecycle and automates many of the steps in the process from start to finish.   

This means the project team can finally use a single tool to manage work across all disciplines – not just pipe and steel – and can manage packages across the entire lifecycle – not just scoping– and across the entire project from concept through commissioning – not just construction.    

O3 is a comprehensive Advanced Work Packaging platform that supports any work package type including 10 standard work package types out-of-the-box.   

 As a modern SaaS application O3’s solution is easy to use, setup, and learn.   

 The benefits of introducing O3’s holistic work packaging solution include:  

  • the elimination of errors and complexity of siloed systems and manual spreadsheets.   
  • the ability to work with any project regardless of 3d model type, size, or level of completeness  
  • full package management including automation, statusing, constraints, approvals, and progressing  
  • better team collaboration with positive accountability driven by tasks and action items tracked against work packages   
  • improved visibility into the progress and status of the project based on all work packages across the entire project lifecycle  
  • and robust reporting and analytics powered by data that is well structured and standardized across your entire project portfolio  

  ONpace solution

O3’s work package solution is the answer to true work package management.   

To learn more about how the industry’s leading package management or to see an in-depth demonstration of the solution, contact us today!  

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