Enterprise Edition

Program and Project Portfolio Management

Standardize AWP Across Your Facility, Portfolio, or Company

Organizations that are serious about rolling out AWP require a tool designed for enterprise implementation

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Who should use Enterprise Edition? 

Why It's Needed

  • Drive Continuous Improvement with crossproject comparison
  • Maximize investment with usage analytics
  • Accelerate value of better AWP and Agile process
  • Leverage existing IT Integrations and enterprise authentication
  • Standardize Enterprise AWP Program Management

What's Included

Enterprise Infrastructure

  • Single Sign On and other enterprise authentication options are supported through the O3 Enterprise Edition

Usage Analytics

  • Tools for optimizing value of investment by analyzing software adoption and driving utilization

Advanced Data Management

  • Tools for analyzing software adoption and driving utilization

Cross-project Reporting

  • Reporting across a program, portfolio or enterprise of projects for driving continuous improvement

Program Management

  • Tools for managing the implementation of AWP and Agile across the enterprise
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Package Pricing

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Benefits of Enterprise Edition


is driven through meaningful cross-project comparison


are leveraged and enhanced with existing IT investments and enterprise authentication


is maximized with usage analytics and user adoption

AWP Value

is accelerated with agile methods

AWP Value

is accelerated with agile methods


program is standardized across the enterprise

What Makes Enterprise Edition Different?

Purpose-built to Drive AWP from Concept through Commissioning

Powerful Embedded Reporting & Analytics

Modern, SaaS, Multi-Project Environment

Learn How Enterprise Edition Can Standardize AWP Across Your Facility, Portfolio or Company

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