AWP for Front-End Planning

Setup Your AWP Implementation for Success by Beginning with the End in Mind

According to the Construction Industry Institute, Owners, EPC firms, and Contractors regularly realize performance and safety benefits of Advanced Work Packaging (AWP), with savings up to 10% of the project’s Total Installed Cost and productivity increases up to 25% in the field. The greater the AWP maturity on a project the greater the benefits. Successful organizations understand that in order to fully implement AWP, you have to start from the very beginning of the project. ONPlan is advanced work packaging for front-end planning. O3 Solutions ONPlan solution for AWP implementation success.

Why It's Needed

Full AWP Requires Planning in Advance
Achieving the full benefits of AWP requires commitment to delivering the AWP process from the very beginning of the project. Many Owners mistakenly view AWP as being something that the Contractor needs to do.

Lack of Visibility
Measuring process can be difficult, especially when the outcomes of that process have rear-facing, lagging indicators that are not apparent until the damage is done. 

One-off Solutions
Professional services organizations have developed Excel or Access-based solutions that cannot scale.

What's Included

AWP Master Index

  • Maintain a master list of every work package, its key data and associations to other packages in a purpose-built tool

Path of Construction Development

  • Define and track development and sequencing of Construction Work Areas (CWAs) and Construction Work Packages (CWPs)

AWP Best Practices

  • Define AWP best practices to adopt on your project by selecting them from a pre-configured library


Labor Management

  • Manage and group scope for bidding and contract award using contracting best practices

AWP Health & Adoption Metrics

  • Automate the process of measuring the health and adoption of selected best practices

Interactive Planning Session Management

  • Follow best practices with representation from all stakeholders

Package Pricing

Choose from several popular package options. 

Benefits of ONPlan


for AWP clearly defined for the project


of AWP best practice adoption and progress is automated


for a successful setup of AWP at any phase


constant enhancements to AWP adherence by measuring progress

What Makes ONPlan Different?

Modern SaaS Platform with No Thick Client to Install

Robust AWP Tool Including 10 Work Package Types

Automated Process Health Measurement

Predictive Analytics to Drive Course Correction

AWP Best Practices Library

Learn How ONPlan Can Successfully Implement and Support AWP Across Your Organization

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