The Proven Value of AWP

Closeout Work Packages: Decrease Quality Control & Inspections Time

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Long Punchlists at the End of the Project are Cause Schedule Delays

The construction crews relied on the Quality Control group to review the installation and develop punch lists. Because the installation was not complete, this resulted in the generation of a large punch list (a familiar issue on projects not utilizing AWP). This compromised the schedule and increased costs by requiring the immobilizing of crews to complete the punch list and delayed Commissioning & Start-Up through a late mechanical Completion.

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AWP + O3 Improvement

Following the AWP Best Practice for proper development of Installation Work Packages, the Installation Crew will not only self-punch the job, but Quality Control will have the opportunity for regular inspections. IWPs will not be signed off as complete until these actions are complete. Closeout work packages faster when using modern technology, like O3, to support AWP. 

This maintains the schedule and eliminates issues with unnecessary long punch lists that take an excessive amount of time to complete. O3’s Reporting & Analytics component provides checklists, rules of credit, and dashboards to provide visibility into the quality control process.

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