AWP for Systems Completion, Commissioning and Startup

Seamlessly Transition from Execution to Operations

Successful Commissioning requires an understanding of the true status of the installation of systems and the power to act to drive completion. ONStart gives Owners the real-time information they need to identify blocking items, assign their completion, and track progress. With barriers removed, work can proceed quickly with automated approvals and deliverables to take work from execution to operations. ONStart is the first solution to give Owners the power to not only understand status and issues, but also drive their completion for an on-schedule project.

Why It's Needed

Punchlists are Long & Difficult to Drive to Completion
Poor execution leads to lengthy punch lists that are difficult to prioritize and drive to done done.

Decisions are Based On Lagging Data
Status reporting is delayed by weeks or months and system execution progress drags to completion with open packages. Construction lacks visibility and incentive to drive completion.

Constraints are Managed in Homegrown Tools
Blocking constraints are spread across stakeholders and are slowly communicated and rarely chased down, leading to schedule delays in the last months of an otherwise successful project.

What's Included

Task Management

  • Organize scope and manage the testing process with dedicated Test Work Packages powered by configurable workflows, constraints and approvals

Turnover Management

  • Organize, scope, and manage the turnover process with dedicated Turnover Work Packages powered by configurable workflows, constraints, and approvals

Systems Completions

  • Organize, scope and manage the systems completion process with configurable workflows, constraints, and approvals

Punchlist Management

  • Gather and execute punchlist items to drive Test and Turnover readiness

Startup Management

  • Organize, scope and manage the startup process with dedicated Startup Work Packages powered by configurable workflows, constraints, and approvals

Reporting & Analytics

  • Track progress and drive continuous improvement with real-time dashboards built on best practices

Package Pricing

Choose from several popular package options. 

Benefits of ONStart


management is more accurate


support for a consistent data transfer from execution to completion


visualization of graphical status, progress, constraints for systems, Testing and Startup Work Packages


constraint-free packages in the field

What Makes ONStart Different?

Modern SaaS Platform to Support Owner, EPC & Contractor Collaboration

Graphical Visualization of Systems, Turnover & Test Packages

API Integrations

CM Date Add

Robust Constraint-Management

Dynamic Drilldown

Completions & Predecessor Tracking, Readiness Reporting

Approval & Deliverable Management

Learn How ONStart Can Seamlessly Transition from Efficient Execution to Operations

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