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What Good Is AWP Software If You Don’t Know How to Use It? 

By Nick Maloof, O3 Project Coordinator

There’s a false sense of security once a software implementation is complete.

It’s worth celebrating. You spent weeks working with the vendor to compile your data, upload it to the system, and confirm your configurations to support the team’s process.

But where one journey finishes, another begins. With your software in production, it’s time to ensure your team adopts it.

Technology skills among employees (or the lack thereof) are one of the most common barriers to software adoption. You cannot expect your team to use a tool effectively if they don’t understand how it works. This will lead to failed adoption and result in your team never realizing the benefits of the product you worked hard to set up.

This makes training an important first step in the adoption of new software, and O3 is here to help.

We kick off the training process by identifying two types of end users:

  1. These include your team members that will spend the most time in O3. They have a solid understanding of your team’s processes and soon will know O3 inside and out. Think of your Superusers as your team’s first level of support.
  2. These team members will manage your projects’ settings, grant access to new users, and update permissions for existing ones. As you discover new ways to utilize O3, they will put those changes into effect.

These team members will play an important role in ensuring the long-term adoption of O3.

Next, we get your implementation team into the system. You will start off by going through O3’s Self-Paced Training: a handful of courses, each consisting of a few brief videos. The topics range from the basics of O3 to work packaging and constraint management. These lessons prepare your team for our live training sessions, which will be more targeted deep dives into advanced topics.

We conclude your self-paced training with a Q&A session. This is an instructor-led session, where we answer any questions not addressed in the videos and cover course topics as needed.

We also begin training your admins early in the implementation. This allows them to work alongside your O3 Solutions Engineer once configurations begin and understand how the software is being set up.

Over the next several weeks, your implementation team will learn about all the different parts of O3 they’re going to use through live training. Our instructor-led course offerings include

  • EWP, CWP & Constraint Management. You will learn how to use EWPs for managing your design work and engineering-related constraints. You will also learn how to use version tracking for CWPs and their scope.
  • Level 4 Planning for Engineering: You will learn how EWPs can be broken down and managed as smaller scope elements, known as Design Work Packages.
  • RFI Management: You will learn how your team can use RFIs in O3 to bring your team together and quickly provide the information needed for your design and field crews.
  • Work Packaging from the Model: You will learn how to use O3’s model to build work packages using scope components, as well as how you can visualize the model by constraint and material status, work package, or completion out in the field.
  • IWP & Constraint Management: You will learn how to manage IWPs. You will also learn how to manage IWP constraints. This includes a detailed walk-through of your IWP workflow.

Once live training is concluded, we ensure your Superusers and Administrators are capable of carrying out their responsibilities in O3. Each of your team members will demonstrate their competency by participating in our certification process.

Your O3 instructor will meet with each team member ahead of time to discuss what the certification process entails along with expectations and requirements. Each certification is conducted one-on-one, where the O3 trainer provides instructions to the team member who must be able to carry out while sharing their screen on a virtual call.

Even after training is formally handed over to your team, we’re still here to help. Our users have access to an in-app support help center that contains over 200 support articles. If you can’t find your answer there, you can always reach out to our support team via our in-app chat. We have team members based all around the world, meaning we can support your implementation regardless of where you are.

Interested in learning more about O3? You can visit us at www.o3.solutions, or reach out to our marketing team at info@o3.solutions.

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