O3_Insider: Autodesk Partnership

Autodesk Partnership
By Josh Girvin, O3 Solutions CEO

Graphical work packaging is a critical component of modern Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) and Workface Planning (WFP). The term refers to the concept of using the 3D model to allow the Workface Planner to select components that will be included in a work package. It is the easiest and most convenient method of creating package contents.

In order to perform this user-friendly packaging technique, projects need a well-attributed 3D model from the Engineering contractor, to act as the basis for the Virtual Construction Model (VCM). Using the Engineering model will maximize the value of existing project data and minimize the additional effort needed to support WFP.

Engineering 3D models come from a wide variety of sources and software programs. When O3 was originally developing its graphical work packaging capabilities, it was critical to ensure that a wide range of source models could be used and that a powerful internal graphical tool could perform the necessary functions to support the VCM. This was a key driver behind the partnership between O3 and Autodesk, as the Forge viewer is embedded in the O3 AWP software.

Using Autodesk Forge allows O3 to integrate with more than 70 different model file types, ensuring that our clients are not limited to a small handful of design software options. It also helps to support unparalleled augmentation options to ensure the VCM is of maximum benefit to the Planners. These augmentations include:

 Incorporating pipe and steel fabrication data so that individual modeled components are combined into fabricated spools or piece marks in the VCM, to represent their “as-delivered” state.

 Supplementing the model data with additional ‘flat file’ project information such as line list, equipment list, cable schedules, and instrument index. These provide extra data attribution for the model and facilitate the packaging of non-graphical elements such as insulation, heat trace, and cables.

 Providing a method to assign certain attributes directly within O3, such as Construction Work Area or Construction Work Package, that can support efficient work packaging and then be exported back to the source 3D model.

 And, using the powerful combination of Autodesk Forge and O3, the VCM can be created and managed without complex data conditioning, “end to end runs”, or the need for constant support from the AWP software provider.

O3’s partnership with Autodesk doesn’t end there. The power of the Autodesk Construction Cloud is also used to support document management. O3 uses Autodesk’s BIM360 Docs to provide a simple method for document upload and viewing directly within O3. This allows immediate call-up and review of documents as they are assigned to a package, and the option to mark up those drawings allows Planners to provide notes for the field execution crews.

AWP Software, like the process itself, needs to be able to consume data from a wide variety of sources, in multiple formats. This ensures that existing project information is fully leveraged and minimizes duplicate data entry. O3 has extensive capabilities to interface with other software in your project delivery toolkit, and the partnership with Autodesk reinforces that market-leading integration capability.
Companies looking for an AWP software solution will be well served with O3’s best-in-class approach, supported by key partnerships with leading companies such as Autodesk.

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