O3 Solutions Presented during Autodesk University 2020 on Brownfield Projects

Autodesk University 2020 was a virtual experience this year but still brought together some of the world’s greatest designers, engineers, builders, and creators. The goal of the conference was to “reimagine what’s possible” through innovation across all sectors.

O3 had the pleasure of presenting a session on Applying a Scalable AWP Approach with BIM 360 and Forge on Brownfield Projects. O3 CEO, Josh Girvin, presented on how many owner/operators have recognized the value of advanced work packaging (AWP) and have seen large projects benefit from streamlined project delivery and better collaboration. He provided an overview of how to successfully apply AWP best practices to a portfolio of small brownfield projects.

Josh walked through how O3 Solutions, powered by Forge and BIM 360 software, provides an automated approach that eliminates spreadsheets and manual processes. The combined solutions address the overall AWP strategy and right-sizing AWP for each project.

Some key points included:  

Why Applying a Scalable AWP Approach with BIM 360 and Forge on Brownfield Projects Is Important 

You can save billions of dollars on giga projects with AWP. But the overall spend often comes in the small cap projects. Reduction in large cap projects have been put on hold with Covid, but small cap continue to move forward because they are often driven by environmental regulations or safety needs, or have an immediate ROI from debottlenecking an existing process. It’s important for organizations to not ignore these in order to move the overall productivity needle. 

Why a New Approach Is Needed when Applying a Scalable AWP Approach on Brownfield Projects 

Legacy solutions that are used on large projects are cost prohibitive for small cap projects. A solution that is easy and quick to implement is needed in order for it to be successful for small cap projects. Multiple contractors are using different engineering authoring tools in addition to project management teams being stretched thing and forced to operate in a reactive, firefighter mode. Change management is greater due to institutional inertia. 

The Solution for Scalable AWP Approach on Brownfield Projects 

O3 has partnered with Autodesk to deliver a comprehensive scalable AWP program. It’s purpose-built to drive AWP and agile best practices while supporting the entire process from concept through commissioning. The modern SaaS platform is designed to support an entire portfolio of projects, 3D models of any type and size and provides status visualization for 10 types of work packages. O3 meets you where you are with a crawl, walk run approach. 

The Results Found When Using O3 and Autodesk BIM 360 and Forge on Brownfield Projects 

Brownfield, small cap projects leveraged the BIM 360 docs and Forge Viewer in O3 and were able to gain:  

  • Standardization of approach across 100s of projects 
  • Consistent definitions across contractors 
  • Real-time visibility into project status allowing for optimization of limited offshore resources 

O3’s digital work package management solution is the first to help project teams create, update, approve, and progress work packages through their entire lifecycle—and automate the process when possible. Josh also highlighted how robust reporting and analytics keep all stakeholders informed, with real-time information from the field powering portfolio-level cross-project comparisons across contractors. Ultimately the main point was that it’s time to ditch manual processes on brownfield projects and realize the benefits of scalable AWP. 

Download Free Brownfield Case Studies at www.o3.solutions/why-o3/case-studies/ 

Key Learnings

  • How to create and manage work packages digitally on brownfield projects.
  • How to automate constraints, approvals, and workflows to support AWP best practices.
  • Gain visibility into the status and progress of your portfolio of projects and cross compare contractors, areas, disciplines.
  • How O3 and Autodesk can scale AWP for brownfield projects and portfolios.

To learn more on how O3 Solutions can help scale your AWP implementation on Brownfield projects send us an email or request a demo.

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