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10am-3:30pm CT
May 4, 2021
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Detailed Agenda

10:00 Welcome, Introductions & Safety Moment 
Meet your AWP xChange hosts and presenters, find out what to expect during the half-day event, and take some time for a quick safety check before we get started. 

10:15 Client Case Studies from Leading Owners & EPCs 

  • Shell – From Skeptic to Believer: Scaling AWP One Step at a Time  
    Noah Smithwick, Shell’s Gulf of Mexico AWP Lead, will share how the Shell Gulf of  Mexico portfolio of projects rolled out AWP as a step-by-step process. This deliberate approach to introducing AWP best practices combined with technology helped his team improve the overall program as a whole and realize value even in the very early days.


  • Suncor – Suncor’s Transformation Journey:  Digital + AWP = Success
    In this presentation, Dylan Riley, Construction Manager at Suncor, will discuss the importance of getting started with AWP early and how the company addressed digital transformation along with the cultural change to drive adoption of the AWP program. He will also share Suncor’s 6 Categories of Value and key strategies to measure success.


  • Linde – Integrated EPC Planning & Execution with the End in Mind
    Eric Leimer, Linde Project Director, will provide a look at Linde’s AWP Journey from their first documented procedures through today’s mature program that includes graphical and non-graphical work package creation and automated processes. Eric will talk about providing deliverables by construction sequence and the importance of involving engineering and procurement in your program and including all disciplines starting from the concept phase. 

11:30 Lunch Break 

Take this time to stretch, grab a bite to eat, and prepare for the afternoon. Have you logged into Mural yet? We will use Mural for our interactive workshop later today. Sign in early and be entered for a chance to win some O3 swag and an Amazon gift card!  


12:30 Product Innovation & AWP Technology Roadmap Session 

Josh Girvin, CEO of O3 Solutions, will share his perspective as a subject matter expert on  AWP technology options currently available in the market including platforms, point solutions,  and mobile applications. He will also provide a sneak peek into what you can expect for the future of AWP including the various paths technology providers may take to drive value for your organization. 

1:30 Quick Break 

1:45 Inspiration & Innovation Interactive Workshop – Part 1 

Whether you are just getting started or have adopted Advanced Work Packaging as a  corporate best practice, you’re going to have challenges along the way. Could AWP-specific tools and process automation steps relieve some of the burdens? In this interactive workshop,  we’ll collect feedback directly from you on areas where you’d like to see a real digital transformation.

MURAL link for the workshop. 

2:15 Quick Break 

2:30 Inspiration & Innovation Interactive Workshop – Part 2 

Now that we have identified some areas of improvement, what would you consider the highest priority? What would “problem solved” look like? In this workshop session, we will work as a  group to identify the biggest opportunities for technology providers to change the game. 

MURAL link for the workshop. 

3:15 Conclusion & Follow Up 

You’ve heard from your peers – and worked together to get inspire innovation, now what? We’ll discuss how to take all of these great ideas and put them into action!  

May 4th 10AM-3:30PM (CST)

Free to Attend!
A unique virtual working session that will tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our industry today.

Join us on May 4th to hear practitioners who have “walked the walk” present how they have been successful, and provide their advice and lessons learned. We’ll also share some new innovations in software and mobile apps that are helping drive AWP adoption.

Three Value-Packed xChanges

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Client Case Studies from Leading Owners & EPCs 

Many Owner/Operators, EPCs, and Contractors have successfully implemented AWP on their projects or portfolios. Yet, so many companies still struggle with how to make the process work and not take away from their daily duties.

Product Innovation & AWP Technology Roadmap Session 

Have you been tasked with “ushering in a Digital Transformation”? Are you still manually creating work packages? Do you struggle with tracking those packages and constraints? How many hours do you spend each week updating worksheets and holding status update meetings? This data-packed virtual session will show you how to build on your AWP successes and make them truly transformation with automation and digital tools.

Inspiration & Innovation Interactive Workshop 

During this digital and interactive workshop, we will gather ideas and inspiration from YOU.  

What Will You Learn?

Learn from industry experts who have deployed AWP and have the scars to prove it 

Drive the future of AWP software with input into the O3 product roadmap  

Meet peers that are tackling the same challenges you face 

Tons of
information + ideas
at no cost to you!

Immediate Benefits

  • See the latest in AWP technology
  • Meet AWP champions and peers who have tackled the challenges you face
  • Get advice and lessons learned from Owners, EPCs, Contractors, and Technology Companies
  • Drive innovation in AWP
  • Learn how automation can save time & money, while improving quality and safety

Not Your Average Virtual Conference

Complimentary Registration, Secure Your Spot Now!

The AWP xChange goes beyond JUST AWP – it focuses on technology & automation. 

Hear real stories from clients using technology in the field. 

Get a sneak peak into what’s ahead for tech in AWP. 

Participate in an interactive workshop to tackle some of the industry’s biggest challenges.


Note: O3 will provide basic AWP information as a pre-read. However, this event is meant for those who already have knowledge of the Advanced Work Package best practice.