Slide AWP xChange

May 4th 10AM-3:30PM (CST)

Free to Attend!
A unique virtual working session that will tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our industry today.

Join us on May 4th to hear practitioners who have “walked the walk” present how they have been successful, and provide their advice and lessons learned. We’ll also share some new innovations in software and mobile apps that are helping drive AWP adoption.

Three Value Packed xChanges

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Client Case Studies from Leading Owners & EPCs 

Many Owner/Operators, EPCs, and Contractors have successfully implemented AWP on their projects or portfolios. Yet, so many companies still struggle with how to make the process work and not take away from their daily duties.

Product Innovation & AWP Technology Roadmap Session 

Have you been tasked with “ushering in a Digital Transformation”? Are you still manually creating work packages? Do you struggle with tracking those packages and constraints? How many hours do you spend each week updating worksheets and holding status update meetings? This data-packed virtual session will show you how to build on your AWP successes and make them truly transformation with automation and digital tools.

Inspiration & Innovation Interactive Workshop 

During this digital and interactive workshop, we will gather ideas and inspiration from YOU.  

What Will You Learn?

Learn from industry experts who have deployed AWP and have the scars to prove it 

Drive the future of AWP software with input into the O3 product roadmap  

Meet peers that are tackling the same challenges you face 

Tons of
information + ideas
at no cost to you!

Immediate Benefits

  • See the latest in AWP technology
  • Meet AWP champions and peers who have tackled the challenges you face
  • Get advice and lessons learned from Owners, EPCs, Contractors, and Technology Companies
  • Drive innovation in AWP
  • Learn how automation can save time & money, while improving quality and safety

Not Your Average Virtual Conference

Complimentary Registration, Secure Your Spot Now!

The AWP xChange goes beyond JUST AWP – it focuses on technology & automation. 

Hear real stories from clients using technology in the field. 

Get a sneak peak into what’s ahead for tech in AWP. 

Participate in an interactive workshop to tackle some of the industry’s biggest challenges.


Note: O3 will provide basic AWP information as a pre-read. However, this event is meant for those who already have knowledge of the Advanced Work Package best practice.