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The following use cases include a list of industrial construction solutions by role. Contact O3 Solutions for more information or questions. 

We can help you improve project performance while reducing your stress and effort by introducing automated positive accountability across all stakeholders. O3 allows project leadership to spend their time leading rather than managing.

O3 believes that Project Managers should spend their time making decisions not chasing down information. O3 provides the automated, forward-looking, decision-support required to allow you to be an effective, and efficient decision-maker.

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Project Execution has changed. Isn’t it time that you had a tool to track your projects the way that they are being executed? If you are tired of antiquated S-Curves that incent the wrong behavior for the project, check out O3’s modern AWP-enabled approach to project controls.


O3 makes Construction more effective by preventing front loading of reports, proactively prioritizing and driving productivity to close your project out on time. Instead of having to look at multiple project reports in PDF format, O3 can give you a singular view into a project’s progress.


Traditional simplistic views of how to apply AWP in Engineering have led to limited adoption. O3 however works directly with Engineering companies to provide a modern AWP environment that drives real benefit directly to Engineering not just Construction.

Engineering and Procurement

O3 is purpose-built to address the unique challenges of procurement teams operating in an AWP environment. O3 removes the pain of what are often competing priorities to reduce cost through bulk purchasing while simultaneously aligning with the path of construction. O3 makes AWP in Procurement work for Procurement.

portfolio management

O3 reinvented the role of the workface planner. By combining graphical and non-graphical work package scoping in a single platform compete with true work package management, O3 has empowered the workface planner. Visibility into package creation and execution combined with revolutionary constraint management make O3 the most powerful workface planning tool available.

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By treating Scaffold as it’s own work package that can be a predecessor to any number of installation work packages, O3 has moved the role of scaffold manager from reactive cost center to proactive, multi-discipline planner.

o3 solutions

O3 is purpose-built to facilitate collaboration across all project stakeholders including vendors & suppliers. O3 projects allow suppliers to access project data, review and comment on constraints, submit data and documentation, and receive approvals all in a cooperative, digital environment. Stop spending your time chasing down information and get back to making money.

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