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True Work Package Management

Introducing True Work Package Management

O3 Has reinvented WorkFace Planning

O3 is paving the way for WorkFace Planners, Construction Managers, Project Managers and Executive Teams to seamlessly manage and oversee the entire work package process across the entire project life cycle. 

The Challenges

Managing Work Packages is complex, confusing, and disjointed. The process to manage a single work package requires multiple project stakeholders, disparate systems, and several data sources. Multiply that by hundreds of packages and the process breaks down quickly.

The Solution

O3 is modern SaaS application that is easy to use, set up, and learn that supports Advanced Work Packaging industry best practices. O3 removes manual processes, disjointed data sources, and countless spreadsheets from the package lifecycle and automates many of the steps in the process from start to finish. 

TRUE Work Packaging

Learn How O3 Can Improve Your Work Package Management

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O3’s True Work Packaging Solution includes:

Non-Graphical Work Package Scoping

Able to consume 3D models from any engineering authoring tool and interacts in a completely web-based environment ​

Package Workflow Automation

3D visualizations of package status, constraint status, material availability, package progress & more. ​

Package Statusing

Statusing, approvals, release management, constraint management, data management and comprehensive reporting​

Package Approvals

O3’s graphical engine works seamlessly with O3’s non-graphical work package scoping and management tools including approvals

Package Release Management

O3’s graphical engine works seamlessly with O3’s non-graphical work package scoping and management tools including release management

Package Constraint Management

O3’s graphical engine works seamlessly with O3’s non-graphical work package scoping and management tools including constraint management

Package Data Management

  • Interactive views for each stakeholder configured to the appropriate level to reduce the time it takes to identify issues, make decisions and take action.​
  • Web-based platform allows for accessibility in the field to measure and record real-time data. ​

Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive reporting to provide single consistent interface for managing all packages on a project​

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the model located?

The model is uploaded to Autodesk BIM360 and is accessed through O3 using the Forge Platform within O3

Where does the model data live?

Component data is imported from the model into O3 where it can be augmented with other data sources such as pipeline information, PCF data, IFC files, and more.

What model formats does O3 support?

O3 supports over 70 different model formats including all of the most common types found in the construction industry.

Which stakeholders need to be involved with O3?

ONBuild operates under an unlimited user licensing model, so that all construction stakeholders can be involved directly within the tool. This includes WorkFace Planners, Construction Managers, Executives, Field Representatives, Constraint Owners, Engineers, and any other users that would benefit from the insight and communication present in O3?

Can I include my subcontractors in my O3 subscription?

Yes, O3 allows for subcontractor access, and provides a role-based and contract-based permission model to ensure that subcontractor users see only the data which they are authorized to access

What data is required to support graphical work packaging?

O3 Provides a full template of data requirements prior to ONBuild implementation – Contact Us to learn more

Will my team need to access BIM360 directly?

No, once the model and other documents are uploaded to BIM360, they will be synchronized with O3 where they can be easily accessed.

Does O3 provide full Workface Planning capabilities or just Constraint Management?

O3 Provides full graphical and non-graphical Workface Planning functionality through a web-based UI for easy access across stakeholders on top of industry-leading constraint and work package management.

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