Platform Essentials

Platform essentials include the core functionality needed to support collaboration, information and in a user-friendly way. O3’s industry-leading software for project management is built on a strong foundation to allow your team to focus on a successful project – not how to stand up a local server for legacy software. 

platform essentials
Platform Essentials

What's Included

Core functionality needed to support collaboration, information exchange, and user-friendliness

Modern Infrastructure

O3 is a modern web-based platform hosted in the cloud and accessible from anywhere in the world. Automated scaling, geo-redundant backups, and Azure Security allow for a seamless, secure experience. Regular releases (20+ per year) with customer feedback minimize change management challenges and ensure that O3 is always the best of the best.

Access & Security

O3 provides role-based and contract-based permissions to allow all stakeholders to be fully involved with the project and ensure that each user within the software sees the right information for them. Leading cloud security and Single Sign-On (SSO) integration ensure easy and secure access.

access and security
platform essentials

Data Management

O3’s data requirements provide the baseline for success with AWP early in a project and set a clear standard for integration with other systems. Data can be easily exchanged with O3 using flat-file import, RESTful APIs, and direct integration. As data sources are established, data deliverables provide reporting and notifications to make sure data is exchanged with the proper fields, format, and frequency.

AWP Master Index

O3 provides one central place to manage all work package types on a project. These packages can be integrated with other tools to exchange information such as schedule, associations, document relationships, materials, and more. Each of these work packages can be directly scoped and defined within O3 and linked to all necessary data.

platform essentials
modern architecture

Work Package Action Management

One of the keys to success with AWP is ensuring that all necessary actions are taken for roadblocks to be removed and for work to proceed. With O3, users can identify, assign and track constraints for all package types before they impact the schedule or productivity.

Training Management

Owners, EPC Firms, and Contractors benefit from a structured approach to change management. O3 provides a purpose-built platform to help manage and track training progress across any initiative including Advanced Work Packaging, WorkFace Planning, as well as standard job site training requirements such as Safety, and Orientation.

training management
configurable workflows

Configurable Workflows

Users can configure workflows to match the specific needs of their project with automated creation and assignment of approvals and constraints throughout the process, and reporting and analytics to ensure they are handled.

Platform Essentials

Platform Architecture

Modern, web-based cloud platform to support projects of all types and sizes anywhere in the world 

Built to Consume Data

O3’s single, modern platform is purpose-built to consume data and support work packaging. It’s scalable across project types and is constantly evolving with continuous innovation through biweekly product releases. O3 allows teams to successfully focus on a project with software built on a cloud platform means you don’t need a local server for legacy software.

platform architecture

Purpose-Built to Consume Data

Restful APIs

  • Direct integration available
  • Supports 3D visualization
  • Integrates with Document Management systems

Import/ Export

  • Can import data in a variety of ways
  • All data is YOURS and can be exported as needed

Data Mapping

  • Professional services available to support the structure and integrity of your data

Default Templates

  • Configurable templates for collecting manual, unstructured data

modern design

Modern Design

  • Web-based UI
  • Hosted SaaS solution
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud for Security
  • Geo-Redundant Backups
  • Encrypted at Rest
  • Load Balanced
  • Automated Backups
  • Point in Time Restore
  • RESTful APIs
  • Role-based and Contract-based
  • Permissions (Single Sign On)
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