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O3 sees the future of field mobility to be responsive design and direct markup with OCR/AI processing. Given these exciting capabilities and future trends, O3 has paused development on the ONField application in favor of the exciting AI/OCR capabilities and responsive interfaces that are successfully in use.

As a modern web application, O3 provides a responsive user interface to adjust to various screen sizes including tablet browsers. This is our preferred method for field mobility as it provides the full suite of O3 functionality and can be easily adjusted with purpose-built screens for common tasks.

O3 has also developed functionality to read annotated IWPs and process these updates using OCR and AI tools. Using this functionality, projects can work on paper or digital copies of an issued IWP, mark up progress, denote field changes, then upload the digital copy (or a picture of the physical copy) for O3 to process.

O3 provides a quick summary of changes to accept or reject before the updates are made to the IWP. In this manner, clients can continue to use their preferred manner of IWP delivery via paper or tablet and still perform quick and easy updates whenever needed.If you have any feedback or further questions on field mobility, please reach out to

Mobile Safety Tracking


ONSafe is a mobile app solution that allows you to diagnose safety trends in the field and take action to immediately improve your project. 

Who Should Use ONSafeTM?

ONSafe is a beneficial tool to any person working on a job site or in the field taking safety observations. It allows you to efficiently and accurately diagnose safety trends in real-time. 


Why is ONSafeTM Needed?

ONSafe eliminates obsolete and outdated data from the field because it provides real-time safety observations and trends. You gain the power to capture and communicate data to respond properly and mitigate issues. 

What's Included in ONSafeTM?

Safety Observation

  • Digitally diagnose safety trends on a project

Safety Reporting

  • Identify and mitigate safety risks and trends 

Learn How ONSafeTM Can Diagnose Safety Trends

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Mobile Tool Time Tracking



ONTools is a mobile app solution that allows you to track tool time in the field to drive productivity. 

Who Should Use ONToolsTM?

With ONTools, a mobile tool time tracking app, Owners, EPCMs, Primary Contractors, and 3rd Party Auditors can easily collect and analyze production data in real-time. This supports better decision-making and more productive job sites.


Why is ONToolsTM Needed?

Construction time on tools observations is a proven way to measure and track the productivity of a job site. Clipboards have been used in the field to collect this data for as long as industrial construction has existed. O3 has revolutionized this process with an innovative approach that leverages mobility, automation, and digitization. 

What's Included in ONToolsTM?

Tool Time Observation

  • Find productivity barriers on a job site

Tool Time Reporting

  • Identify and remove barriers to productivity

Learn How ONToolsTM Can Track Real-Time Observations

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