Overview of Solutions

A Closer Look at O3's Target Product Areas

O3’s software solutions are purpose-built for construction and are designed to support your modernization journey. From WorkFace Planning to comprehensive Advanced Work Packaging, Agile Project Management and Digital Transformation, O3 is here to support your project, portfolio, or enterprise initiative. Leading organizations are making the shift from traditional manual processes to automation powered by digital software solutions. Explore how we can help you achieve your goals through better process combined with world class technology.


Our solutions address specific and common challenges faced by EPCs, Contractors, and Owner Operators in the areas of project visibility, performance, standardization, process adherence, accountability, efficiency, scalabilty, and change management. 


O3 became the world leading AWP software by leveraging input from industry subject matter experts and leading AWP mature organizations. O3 is the most innovative software available in this space.

Tools & Technology

Our comprehensive cloud-based solutions are built upon a modern SaaS platform that can be accessed from anywhere in the world and scaled to serve the world’s largest mega projects as well as a small cap projects managed as a program at an operating facility.

Supporting Services

All of O3’s solutions include implementation, configuration, training, and adoption services to get projects to successful self-sufficiency. Then projects receive maintenance support the life of the project including in-app chat support. 

Slide adjust The solution includes: Agile & Advanced Work Packaging Methods MODERN SAAS PLATFORM Solution Suite O3 ONE Platform to Support adjust adjust adjust adjust adjust adjust ON ON ON ON ON ON ON Plan Pace Course Task Tools Target Track Slide adjust Learning Path Management
adjust Course Management
adjust Certification Management
adjust Training Goals Tracking
The solution includes: oncourse Ensure Your Team Is Trained and Ready for the Job at Hand TRAINING MANAGEMENT ON Course
Slide adjust Task Management
adjust Team Boards
adjust Team Work Tracking
The solution includes: Organize, Automate, and Track Team Performance Against Goals GLOBAL TASK MANAGEMENT ON Task
Slide adjust Project Management
adjust Team Workflow Management
adjust Risk Management
adjust Resource Management
The solution includes: ONTrack Manage Your Project or Portfolio in an Agile Envrionment AGILE PROJECT MANAGEMENT ON Track
Slide adjust WorkFace Planning & Work Package Management
adjust Status Visualization for Construction
adjust Constraint Management
adjust Dashboard Reporting & Analytics
adjust Scaffold Management
The solution includes: Drive Visibility and Accountability During Project Execution WORK PACKAGING FOR THE JOBSITE ON Pace ONpace solution
Slide adjust Front End Planning Management
adjust Engineering & Procurement Management
adjust WorkFace Planning & Package Management
adjust Commisioning & Startup Management
adjust Dashboard Reporting & Analytics
adjust Data Management

The solution includes: Standardize Advanced Work Packaging Across Your Project, Portfolio or Company AWP ACROSS THE ORGANIZATION ON Plan advanced work packaging
Slide adjust Tool Time Observations
adjust Tool Time Reporting
The solution includes: Collect & Analyze Data Directly from the Field to Improve Productivity MOBILE TOOL TIME TRACKING ON Tools
Slide adjust Safety Observation Management
adjust Safety Reporting
The solution includes: Collect & Analyze Data Directly from the Field to Improve Safety MOBILE SAFETY OBSERVATIONS ON Target

A New Approach to Getting Work Done

O3 works with clients hand in hand to achieve the organization’s goals and specific project outcomes. This comes in the form of implementation, training, and continued support for our solutions and agile methods. Our goal is to see you succeed with improved productivity and more efficiency on all of your projects. 

O3 strives for visibility, automation, digitization, and standardization across individual projects, a portfolio of projects, and entire organizations. With access to a library stocked with industry specific best practices, solutions, templates, and training, your facility can realize the benefits of an agile and/or Advanced Work Packaging process without the headache of having to start from scratch. 

Solutions for Your Success

  • Targeted Product Areas to Address Construction-Specific Challenges
  • Purpose-built Based on Industry Best Practices
  • Battle-tested in the Field with 10,000+ Project Users
  • Pre-defined Default Dashboards & Templates to Make Setup Painless

O3 has been invaluable in highlight the issues – gets straight to the point and avoids the problems with spreadsheets and the passing the buck that happens when doing this manually.

Construction Manager

Using the app makes tool time readings so much easier. Now I don’t have to spend all my time looking at spreadsheets to figure out the data. 

Field Construction Coordinator

When our global leader can pull up a dashboard and see how all of his projects are performing on tool time metrics, that is a HUGE value to our business.

— Project Owner/Operator