The Proven Value of AWP

Provide Better Visibility of Material Availability by Work Package


Material Not Ordered in Time

During the weekly coordination meeting, it was discovered that the small valves required for venting and draining the pipe installation during the hydrotest were not ordered. The valve specification contained special trim for the process requirements which meant a 12-week delivery. The Procurement Team tried to mitigated delays by paying a premium to decrease delivery time, but the hydrotest was still delayed. This also delayed the final QA/QC inspection sign-off. In addition to the additional procurement cost, 2 weeks were lost from the schedule

AWP + O3 Improvement

When following the AWP Best Practice, an IWP is completed 90 days prior to execution.

This material issue would have been found and resolved during IWP development. Also, there are 60-day and 30-day (prior to execution) status reviews to ensure that any constraints discovered during IWP development have been mitigated.

An IWP cannot be executed until all constraints have been removed, ensuring that the issue above is identified and addressed without causing further issue. O3’s Reporting & Analytics component helps measure and monitor IWP completion.

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