Successful Projects Are Powered by O3

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Join us at an upcoming event! O3 hosts and sponsors events year-round including live webinars once a month to international conferences. Check out our list of upcoming events and browse our past events for helpful industrial construction industry information, education materials and news. We hope to see you at a live event soon! 

Successful Projects Are Powered by O3

In-Person Events

O3 participates, sponsors or exhibits at the leading industrial construction conferences across the globe. We love to engage with and meet new people in the industrial construction industry. Check our schedule for to see where you can find us next! 

Successful Projects Are Powered by O3

Virtual Events

O3 hosts a monthly webinar series titled “What’s New in Work Packaging” in addition to partnering with other organizations like Group ASI and CII to share insight and information regarding advanced work packaging, workface planning, agile project management and so much more. Check back for our latest webinars and register for our upcoming events below! 

O3 Hosted Events

Discover how O3 is transforming the role of the workface planner through true work packaging which includes automation, configuration, visualization and standardization.

Learn the basics of constraint management, the stakeholders involved, the various workflows and how reporting and analytics can be managed using O3’s purpose-built software. 

Hear from one of O3’s project managers on how workface planning is changing in a digital environment and tools that O3 has to assist in this transformation. 

Don’t miss this essential webinar discussing the top 5 Advanced Work Packaging Technology Trends. 

Watch this webinar to learn how O3 can assist in the early phases of your project. 

O3’s comprehensive education and training management solution helps assist you in your Advanced Work Packaging journey. In this webinar you’ll learn the ins and outs of how O3 makes management easier. 

Partner Webinars

O3 partnered with Group ASI to deliver an engaging and thought-provoking webinar on the recent shift to the virtual work environment. 

Group ASI and O3 Solutions team up to discuss how an Advanced Work Package strategy can improve your projects performance. 

Group ASI and O3 discuss ways that visibility and accountability are achieved through the CII Best Practices Advanced Work Packaging methodology. 

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