Competitor Comparisons

Competitor Comparisons
Digital Project Management More Single Platform More Advanced Work Packaging More Workface Planning More

Digital Project Management More

Single Platform More


  • Data Sources, Data Requirements
  • DMS Integrations
  • MMS Integrations
  • RESTful APIs
  • Data Management, Dashboards
    • The ability to create your data management plan inside of O3
    • Define data sources, requirements and the ability to track data quality, completeness and real-time accuracy
  • Single Sign-On
  • Proprietary API/Integrations
    • SDK and ability for clients to build their own integrations
  • Support
    • 24/7 client support including chat, AI and documentation

Advanced Work Packaging More

O3's robust AWP features also include:

  • Mechanical Equipment tracking within AWP Master Index
  • AWP in Engineering and Procurement
    • EWP and PWP tracking
    • EWP and PWP workflow management
    • Level4 Planning for Engineering
    • Vendor Data Management
    • Engineering and Procurement Constraint Management
  • 3D Model
    • Model viewing with detailed properties
    • Accepts all major design formats
    • Supports .pcf and .idf piping fabrication files
    • Supports .ifc steel fabrication files
    • Configurable parsing engine
    • Model grouping
    • Model change management and notification

Early Project Planning

  • AWP Master Index
  • Path of construction planning
  • 4D plot plan visualization
  • Assisted CWP generation
  • PFAB

Testing and Turnover

  • TWP and TOP tracking
  • TWP and TOP management

Non-graphical and graphical TWP and TOP planning

Workface Planning More

  • Non-graphical workface planning
  • Graphical workface planning
  • Delays, RFIs, Approval, Deliverables, Drawings
  • Work package creation
  • Work package management
  • Constraint management
  • Work package progressing
  • IWP Sequencing