2022 AWP Conference Europe Recap

Increasing Productivity and Environmental Efficiency Through Advanced Work Packaging  

For the first time in three years, the AWP Conference Europe returned as an in-person event with the option for virtual attendance. Global Subject Matter Experts from across the industry gathered to discuss ways to improve productivity with a big emphasis on going green through Advanced Work Packaging. The two-day event featured speakers from owners and EPC groups. Attendees had the opportunity to reconnect and brainstorm during breakout sessions and at the exhibits. There was tons of value and great discussion that came out of each session. Below we’ve captured some of the highlights from the main plenary sessions.  

Thanks to Group ASI, the Construction Industry Institute, and the European Construction Institute for hosting another successful AWP Conference!  

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Capital Projects Executive Forum Workshop – Monday, April 4 

Various industry associations (e.g., CII, COAA, LCI, ECI), as well as leading Owners/Operators and Contractors across the world, are focused on research and development to improve project delivery in the global construction industry. 

This leadership forum provided updates on the current state of the industry across multiple sectors and captured an assessment of successes and challenges related to project delivery. While we addressed the implementation of a variety of methodologies and technologies, the primary focus was Advanced Work Packaging (AWP). 

2022 awp conference europe recap

In this full-day discovery session, we gathered in a safe harbor environment to discuss some of the key topic areas in front-end planning and field execution. We brainstormed potential solutions to current challenge areas. The findings of this workshop will help inform future development in project performance and construction productivity initiatives. 

The day started as a large group, then segmented into smaller groups to handle hot topics like implementation challenges, technology to support AWP, and how AWP can accelerate the industry’s response to climate change. 

AWP Conference Europe – April 5-6, 2022

Plenary Session Highlights
Keynote: AWP Works! Owner and EPC Implementation Tips for a Successful AWP Journey
  • The conference kicked off by discussing how to effectively implement AWP as a best practice on your projects. Presented by the leading researcher/developer of AWP, and representatives from a major project owner company and a global EPC firm – both with extensive AWP experience.


  • William O’Brien, E.P. Schoch Professor, the University of Texas at Austin
  • Jay Moser, Global Head, Construction Community of Practice, Shell
  • Graham Hutchison, Construction Manager, Worley
  • Lloyd Rankin, President, Group ASI (Moderator)
2022 AWP Conference Europe Recap
2022 AWP Conference Europe Recap
2022 AWP Conference Europe Recap

Getting Started with AWP: Experienced Practitioners Share Their Learnings

  • After learning from experts on how to successfully implement AWP we were then introduced to the benefits and learning how to adopt AWP. AWP is a major, long-term commitment that will shake up your processes and require deep collaboration and integration. Some questions that were answered included: How do you set your organization up for success? In this interactive session, Fernando and Robin interviewed experienced practitioners, who shared their knowledge and showed us how it’s done.


  • Fernando Espana, President, Construct-X
  • Robin Mikaelsson, President, AWP University

Finding “The One”: How to Choose an AWP Pilot Project (and Make the Case for Implementation)

  • One of the most fun plenaries of the conference was this AWP interpretation of the old dating game: Blind Date. Andrew Foy and Josh Girvin hosted this game show style presentation to show you how it is not always easy to identify which project would make the most viable pilot for implementation. In this fun and interactive session, the subjectivity and uncertainty of that decision was eliminated. It also introduced the CII Selection Criteria and ROI Tool.


  • Andrew Foy and Josh Girvin, O3 Solutions
  • Joined with special guests John Fotherby – ECI, Mark Mehta – iConstruct, Stuart Young, COMIT
Blind Date presentation

Keynote: AWP and Project Delivery in the Race for ZERO

  • As reinforced at COP26 in 2021, in order to limit global warming to 1.5°C, we need to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. This has challenged Europe and the world to face the climate crisis head-on, requiring swift and dramatic changes to how we generate and use energy, and how we build today and in the future. In this plenary, it was discussed what we as an industry can do to achieve these lofty goals. Speakers identified the challenges and discussed ways to achieve the objectives by increasing construction productivity and reducing waste. We can’t possibly meet these aggressive goals without collaborating as a community and introducing new processes and technology.


  • Geoff Smethills, Senior Advisor, asset55
  • Jaimie Johnston, MBE, Director, Head of Global Systems, BrydenWood

Renewable Energy is the Key to Fighting Climate Change. AWP Can Help Make it a Reality.

  • In this presentation we heard how using AWP can deliver renewables projects effectively and efficiently: Renewables are at the center of the transition to a less carbon-intensive and more sustainable energy system. In this session, you will learn how AWP can support the effective, efficient, and predictable delivery of renewable energy projects.


  • Luigi Anselmi, Head of Construction, Tecnimont
  • David Kerr, PTE Modularisation, Shell

Using AWP to Reduce our Carbon Footprint (Shorter Schedules = Less Waste)

  • Every day a project is being constructed increases its carbon footprint. AWP provides a proven approach to shortening schedules and reducing waste. In this session, you will hear practical advice for increasing project efficiency, effectiveness, and predictability with AWP.


  • John Fotherby, Chairman, ECI, and Partner at Kingsfield Academy
  • Stuart Block, AWP Manager at Fluor Corporation
  • Mikitaka Hayashi, Business Manager, JGC Corporation

Exhibit Booths

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