Working Remote: Agile Project Management

The time to transition from traditional forms of task and project management is well overdue. Many industries are still struggling to fully adopt an agile project management methodology. The hurdles can be obvious or subtle from the age-old “this is how things have always been done” to not even realizing there’s a better faster stronger tool out there to make your job easier.

At its basic level agile project management is the methodology to approach project management with flexibility while breaking down large tasks into smaller manageable tasks. The biggest advantage to this methodology is the ability to change quickly and knock out work at a much faster pace.

To the uninitiated, agile project management may seem daunting or intimidating, but once you take a deeper look, you’ll realize that it’s not necessarily a new idea. Your institution or industry may in fact already be doing some of the elements associated with agile project management.

O3 Solutions offers agile project management to keep your project’s scope, schedule, budget and risks on track with real-time data.

Our software is a single solution platform to support stakeholder collaboration using robust task management capabilities, risk mitigation tools and dashboard reporting so everyone is on the same page.

These are not revolutionary ideas in industrial construction, in fact they are necessary to project management. But the big difference in using O3 for agile project management means that you can take your typical tasks and input them into our software giving you visibility, reporting, tracking and analytics that you wouldn’t find through the traditional approach with manual forms, paper, spreadsheets, etc.

Agile project management is the modern, innovative tool to manage projects from Contract through Execution. It supports better decision making, increases collaboration and provides valuable information in real-time.

While technology can be scary for some, due to the concept of “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it” mentality but the reality is you may not realize your project management is in fact broken.

Without the use of agile project management your project likely incurs:

  • Poor information management
  • Lack of collaboration
  • Unclear communication due to soiled systems
  • Disparate data
  • Distributed project teams
  • Multiple tools to try to track progress

This results in a loss of confidence from stakeholders due to the misinformation and lack of real-time visibility at current task status. It also means that critical decisions can’t be prioritized due to lack of understanding on the true impact the have on certain areas.

Productivity is paramount to the success of a capital asset project. The best way to get there is with an agile project management tool.

To learn more about O3 and our agile solutions for construction check out our resource library or email us at Or you can always see O3 in action by requesting a demo.

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