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WorkFace Planning

O3 has transformed the role of the WorkFace Planner. The O3 work packaging solution includes a 3D virtual construction model for graphical work package scoping, and 3D visualizations of package status, constraint status, material availability, package progress, and more.  

O3’s graphical engine works seamlessly with O3’s non-graphical work package scoping and management tools including package workflow automation, status and approvals, the ability to manage releases, constraints, and data. The platform provides comprehensive reporting in a single interface for managing all packages across a single project or a portfolio of projects.

With O3, WorkFace Planners will introduce automation to reduce manual data entry errors and eliminate the time consuming process of chasing updates on the status and progress of work packages. The O3 solution suite increases collaboration across stakeholders and provides robust reporting and analytics powered by data that is well structured and standardized. O3’s work package solution is the answer to true work package management.

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