The Market Leading AWP Tools for Contractors

The Market Leading AWP Tools for Contractors 


ONBuild – AWP for Construction Execution and Workface Planning 

Contractors can create, track, and manage work packages on a single construction software platform with ONBuild, the first AWP tool that truly allows Contractors to scope, manage, and progress all Installation Work Packages (IWPs) across all disciplines, functions, and package phases. ONBuild is the only comprehensive workface planning solution that combines graphical work packaging with true constraint management. Not only that, it’s a tool that provides Contractors with real-time data, reports, and analysis directly from the field so you can immediately identify and resolve any issues before they impact productivity.

• Workface planning – Scope IWPs with or without a 3D model in one comprehensive platform
• Construction management – Drive construction and IWPs to completion with configurable workflows powered by automation
• Status visualization – See what packages are ready for work by color-coded status
• Constraint management – Drive users to proactively clear constraints before they impact productivity
• Reporting and analytics – Get real-time insight on project status and performance
• Scaffolding management – Single interface for both Workface Planners and Scaffold Coordinators to develop cross-discipline Scaffold Work Packages and manage requests eliminating workfront access issues

Mobile Solutions for Contractors

ONField Mobile App for Construction Execution & Workface Planning
– ONField is the mobile app extension of ONBuild that provides access to Installation Work Packages digitally in the field and allows you to capture progress in real-time.
– ONField eliminates the need to print PDFs of IWPs and drawings and delivers instant communication to prevent issues when an IWP is changed. Having real-time information allows management to effectively make the right decisions.

• IWP Access
Access planned IWPs directly from the field with the most up-to-date information
• Progress Updates
Collect and communicate execution task progress as work occurs
• Attachment Annotations
Mark up IWPs and drawings with important considerations, as-builts, and other information for quick and easy communication across multiple stakeholders

ONSafe – Mobile App for Safety Tracking

– ONSafe allows Contractors to diagnose safety trends in the field and act to immediately to improve your project.
– ONSafe eliminates obsolete and outdated data from the field by providing real-time safety observations and trends. Gain the power to capture and communicate data to respond properly and mitigate issues.
• Safety Observations
Digitally diagnose safety trends on a project
• Safety Reporting
Identify and mitigate safety risks and trends


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