Mobile Safety Observations

Diagnose Safety Trends in the Field and Take Action to Improve Your Project

Safety is the most important thing on any well-run jobsite. Targeting zero safety incidents starts with a consistent, simple and efficient way to collect accurate data on safety exposure. O3’s ONSafe mobile app allows users to perform mobile safety observations in the field. ONSafe mobile safety observations easy to use interface empowers users to quickly and accurately gather, report, and track safety information in real-time. By eliminating inconsistencies across reporters, reducing the burden of collecting data, and making insights available in real-time O3 makes job sites safer.

Why It's Needed

Lack of Access to Real-time Information
Jobsites understand that safety is important and emphasize best practices to reduce incidents based on rear-facing static reports on safety concerns. Projects struggle to make meaningful course corrections to improve safety because they lack access to the actionable, timely information. Safety data is collected in a manual fashion and then managed in basic tools such as Excel that allow for manual combining of data across data sources.

What's Included

Safety Observation

  • Digitally diagnose safety trends on a project

Safety Reporting

  • Identify and mitigate safety risks and trends

Package Pricing

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Benefits of ONSafe


increases with reduced human errors


measurements with improved accuracy


increase with corrective action suggestions


are enabled and eliminate expensive 3rd-party process

What Makes ONSafe Different?

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Mobile-friendly, Easy-to-use Platform

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