AWP Conference 2021 Houston

AWP & Engineering: The Final Frontier?

AWP is here to stay. The value has been proven and major organizations are mandating its use. Yet, adoption among engineering organizations remains a challenge to moving projects from WFP to true AWP.
In this discussion, we address why AWP use among engineers isn’t at the same level as that of their construction colleagues.
What's New in Work Packaging AWP for Contractors: How to Be Successful with or without Owner's Support

What is the true cost to engineering to adopt AWP? Does AWP in engineering require increased spending and new deliverables? How are organizations addressing and minimizing that cost? What are the AWP benefits directly to engineering? Join us in the most important discussion we can have for moving AWP forward for the entire industry.

AWP Conference 2021 Houston

Watch the Full Plenary Session

Watch the entire plenary keynote hosted by O3 Solutions CEO, Josh Girvin and featuring some special guests. This presentation was made possible by contributions from Mark Mehta, Construction SME, iConstruct, John Fotherby, Partner, Kindsfield Academy, and David Gardner, Piping Department Manager, NCSA Region, McDermott. 



AWP Conference 2021 Houston

Download the one-pager

Download the AWP and Engineering: Final Frontier one-pager recap for the key points and takeaways mentioned during the keynote presentation.

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