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Safety Moments

Safety is imperative to a successful work environment whether you’re in an office or on a construction job site. We’ve compiled a library of Safety Moments for you to download and share. 

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Safety Moment Downloads

safety moment

Laptops can easily overheat and catch fire if proper safety precautions are not taken in the daily use and care of them. 

In an emergency without your phone? This safety moment helps you know how to respond. 

These tips will help you maintain a healthy environment at the office and at home. 

Managing change is crucial to mental health and the ability to adjust without hazard. 

Building fires can be hazardous. Take all safety precautions when building one outside. 

Notice when your body is beginning to tire; ignoring the symptoms is dangerous. 

Spring time often means more yard work… and could result in potential injury. 

When traveling, pay attention to the varying emergency numbers by country. 

Be aware of your surroundings and know safety precautions while at the gas station. 

A few tips to remember if you are working outside of your home or office.

Stay ahead of the flu and be sure to get your flu shot every season. 

Festivals present many hazards including heat, exhaustion and dehydration. 

Paying attention to work zone signage and on the road can save lives.