Advanced Work Packaging 101

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CII defines AWP as the overall process flow of all the detailed work packages (construction, engineering, and installation work packages). AWP is a planned, executable process that encompasses the work on an EPC project, beginning with initial planning and continuing through detailed design and construction execution. AWP provides the framework for productive and progressive construction, and presumes the existence of a construction execution plan.

The following are a list of materials and resources you might find helpful on your quest to learn more about Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) and the technology and solutions that can help in a successful implementation. 

Digital Meetings

Educational Resources

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Monthly webinar series hosted by O3 in addition to partner webinars. 

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Gain insightful knowledge about the O3 product, platform and industry. 

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We share our opinions and information on the latest industry trends. 

fact sheets

Fact Sheets

Download our one-sheeters for Solutions, Packages, AWP information and more. 

awp 101

AWP 101

Basic acronyms, jargon and best practices for AWP.

must have checklists

Must-Have Checklist

Download our checklists to ensure you’re on the path to AWP success. 

safety moments

Safety Moments

Safety is critical in the industrial construction industry. We’ve compiled easy to use and download safety moments for your convenience. 



Download our free ebooks to learn more about AWP and the role of the WorkFace Planner. 



Download our infographics for quick and easy ways to learn more about O3 Solutions. 

Our resources are meant to educate and assist you on your AWP journey. There's always more to learn and discover which is why our Subject Matter Experts are here to help. Please reach out with any questions.