AWP Conference 2021 Houston

O3 Presents: Choose Your Own AWP Adventure

AWP Choose Your Own Adventure is a unique, interactive presentation based on the popular gamebook series Choose Your Own Adventure, YOU are the main character. At the beginning of each chapter – that dives into how you want to build your AWP program and tech stack – you can select which path to choose.
awp choose your own adventure

The final chapter will find the main character in the midst of a detailed case study that includes the forecasted ROI for your project. You define the characters, plot, and ultimate outcome! Everyone can download their own version of the storybook that can be edited and shared to provide a real-life business case for AWP for your project.

awp conference

Let's Play!

Begin the story by choosing your champion. From there each chapter will detail how you can build out your AWP program with technology or manual processes. It’s up to you to choose the path to success! You can play as many times and choose different paths and outcomes as you want. Click the button to open the click book and begin your AWP Adventure! 

Learn More About AWP

Now that you’ve played the game, explore our many AWP resources to help you be better prepared for your real-life program. We have free tools to help you improve your expertise and become a true AWP Champion.  

What can you expect from implementing Advanced Work Packaging for your project or portfolio? This AWP ROI Calculator was designed by AWP subject matter experts to demonstrate the value of AWP when combined with automation and digital processes. With just a few pieces of information, you can calculate your potential savings of AWP. These results can be achieved by tracking and managing work packages, removing constraints, monitoring the overall health of your AWP program, and ultimately working more safely and effectively on your job site.

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