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Video blogs from O3's CEO and VP of AWP & Construction Excellence

O3_Insider is a high-level discussion on a range of AWP topics between O3 CEO and Founder, Josh Girvin, and VP of AWP and Construction Excellence, Andrew Foy. They discuss what AWP is, how to implement it, software to support it, picking the right projects, and much more. Take a look at these quick and easy-to-understand videos and stay tuned for more to be published each month. 

For more in-depth analysis and discussion check out the companion blogs for each video blog topic. 

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AWP Resources

Check out some of our resources built to support your journey

AWP Toolkit

AWP was recognized as a CII Best Practice in 2015. There is a LOT of information about AWP, so it can be difficult to know where to start. In the AWP Toolkit, we focus on the key information sources and most easily accessible information.

This toolkit provides help and guidance for people and companies looking to start their AWP journey. Each deliverable is structured as a logical, sequential part of the process, and the toolkit will provide a step-by-step guide to AWP implementation and execution.

AWP Software

O3’s software platform is purpose-built for construction and designed to support your digitalization journey. From WorkFace Planning to comprehensive Advanced Work PackagingAgile Project Management, and Digital Transformation, O3’s cloud solutions are here to support your project, portfolio, or enterprise initiative. Leading organizations are making the shift from traditional manual processes to automation powered by digital software solutions. Explore how we can help you achieve your goals through better processes combined with world-class technology.

AWP Checklists

Once you’ve assessed your organization against each relevant checklist, you can deploy O3’s platform to support your AWP program. O3’s solution suite is purpose-built for construction and addresses many challenges in the industry including global task management, modern project management that supports an agile work environment, WorkFace planning for the job site, and standardizing Advanced Work Packaging from concept through commissioning for the entire organization.


Now that you've learned a bit about AWP, check out our software built to support it

AWP Software

Why “reinvent the wheel” when there’s a perfectly good one in place?  

O3’s platform was purpose-built from the beginning to support Advanced Work Packaging best practices.  

We have fully incorporated the process of how AWP works and it is baked into our software, making it a great foundation for starting off your AWP journey – no matter where you are.  

Watch the video to learn more. Contact us for a demo at info@o3.solutions

AWP & Engineering

There’s no question that Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) brings value to construction, but the benefits don’t stop there. AWP has tremendous upside as a delivery system for Engineering, allowing stakeholders to apply similar concepts used for construction execution to the design process. What if, on top of that, you had a software toolset designed to help manage your engineering scope and deliverables?  

AWP & Workface Planning

Out of the entire Advanced Work Packaging process, Workface Planning bears the highest cost and greatest risk. After all, nearly half of your project’s budget will be spent on labor alone, making labor productivity and efficiency important. You’re going to want a software toolset that ensures the packages you issue to the field are constraint-free and ready for execution.

O3's Solution Suite

Toolsets used by the construction industry often include disconnected legacy systems that claim to support Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) but, in reality, only support Workface Planning – a subset of AWP. If you’re looking for a new toolset early in your AWP implementation, it means you’re going to have to find yet another system that supports the planning and design processes. And what if you’re a new practitioner of AWP? You need a tool that can meet you wherever you are in your AWP maturity process.  


Selecting the right AWP software is a critical step in your implementation journey, but it is only the first technology step. The effort doesn’t end there – in fact, it begins in earnest. Until you have successfully implemented the software, you aren’t in a position to enjoy the benefits and roll it out to your projects.

PCF Data

PCF files can be complicated to understand, but fortunately, when using O3’s data management software you don’t have to understand how it’s formatted. O3’s expert 3D model engineering department is set up to maximize the data found in your PCF files.

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