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Lump Sum Project

For Owner/Operators, O3 provides unprecedented visibility into a project that is normally a “black box” in regards to status and progress updates. The idea that lump sum projects are risk free to asset owners is a myth; the risk comes in change orders and schedule slippage. Owners communicate a price and date to complete a project and be able to start producing product for the market. Missing that price or date has a negative impact on the owner and the share price. O3 gives the owner a “hands off, eyes on” approach, to be more informed and make critical decisions to support their contractors if needed.

For EPC firms or Contractors, generally companies are working against a fixed budget, so anything you can do to be more efficient will go straight to your bottom line. If your teams can be 25% more productive, you can be 25% more profitable. Keep in mind that the Owner is responsible for many of the constraints and with O3 that can be easily made visible to the entire team to drive positive accountability for all project stakeholders. Also, if Advanced Work Packaging is a requirement on the project, O3 is a great way to position your company to win the work and prove  – through detail metrics and reporting – that you are delivering AWP method effectively. 

O3 makes lump sum projects more productive which makes Contractors more profitable and Owners more pleased with project outcomes. Key solutions for Owners to consider for lump sum projects are ONPlan reporting and analytics, and for EPCs or Contractors, key solutions are ONPace to support WorkFace Planning in the field and ONPlan to expand AWP methods beyond installation. 

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