Blog Series: How O3 supports Advanced Work Packaging

Based on the latest CII AWP Research Report

Advanced Work Packaging is gaining more and more popularity among industrial construction companies since being deemed a Construction Industry Institute best practice several years ago.

AWP promotes a disciplined process for project planning and execution. The goal is to begin with the end in mind and to coordinate engineering, procurement and construction throughout the project life cycle.

This is strictly a methodology. It’s up to companies to find ways to implement the process and methodology. Luck for you, O3 is making this very easy. We are the only platform built to fully support the implementation of an AWP program.

“Performance & Safety Benefits up to 10% of TIC”

According to the latest report from CII on AWP, “companies with higher maturity levels faced barriers related to integrating AWP engineering and integrating AWP procedures with existing processes.” Is short, it’s harder to change someone’s mind if they’re well on their way to doing or finishing something.

O3 has the solutions and resources to support an AWP program at any level of maturity within companies. We do so through our agile software platform that empowers the users to take control of their projects through automation and digital tools.

O3 supports AWP by setting the conditions for success during implementation. We facilitate the CII Best Practices during execution and constantly drive innovation. O3 is also scalable across the enterprise making adoption much easier and efficient.


O3’s suite of solutions are designed to address any level or project or AWP maturity within an organization. Our software is purpose-built to deliver comprehensive AWP throughout the entire lifecyle of a project. The ONPlan solution is our most robust AWP tool with over 10 work package types available out of the box. It also includes true constraint management and digital workflows for every project function.

O3 consumes data easily from existing and legacy tools such as scheduling, engineering, procurement, materials management, and document management to track and manage work across multiple organizations and teams. O3’s AWP-specific reporting provides automated accountability by measuring the health and adoption of AWP Best Practices from concept through commissioning.


For organizations that don’t need a robust AWP program across the enterprise O3 has a solution for that! Our ONBuild solution is designed for AWP on the job site. This solution addresses the struggle that project teams have with visibility into the work packaging process, health and performance.

“AWP increases up to 25% Field Productivity”

It addresses manual workflows, multiple resources, and disparate spreadsheets are error-prone and waste valuable man-hours. The approval process is complex and slow and often delays critical work packages. O3 takes these challenges and turns them into solutions on our platform by tracking each work package status and progress eliminating confusion, work delays and unnecessary rework.

O3 takes the challenges with implementing AWP on a project regardless of size, scope or scale and makes it easy with our digital solutions. AWP is within reach when using the power of O3.

To learn more, or see O3 in action email our team today at For more great AWP information check out our downloadable resources on our website.

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