Agile Project Management

Manage Your Project or Portfolio in an Agile Environment

The ability to quickly access a single platform to track all critical information is paramount for a project. Project stakeholders need modern, innovative tools to manage their projects from Contract through Execution to support better decision making, increase collaboration,and get valuable information in real-time.


The Challenges

Projects leverage purpose-built tools for specific tasks such bidding, estimating, procurement, document management, etc. Good project management teams understand that projects breakdown at the interfaces between these silos where lack of access to information across groups of stakeholders constrains what work can be done and decreases productivity.

Poor information management, lack of collaboration, unclear communication, disparate data, and distributed project teams, lead to a loss of confidence in the information. A lack of real-time visibility into current task status across teams, priority of critical decisions that need to be made, and the true impact of certain issues leaves projects to succeed or fail on the quality of the manual, in-person collaboration of the management team.

The Solution

O3’s ONTrack solution provides a single platform to support stakeholder accountability in a modern web-based, agile environment. O3 is the perfect combination of traditional project management tools such as Risk Heat maps reinvented within a visual, collaborative context.

TRUE Work Packaging

The ONTrack solution encompasses the ONTask and ONCourse Solutions in addition to the following components:

Project Management

  • Define, track, and manage standard project scope from contracts to drawings using agile processes
  • Manage Constraints and Approvals in real-time with dashboard reporting

Team Workflow Management

Coordinate your team’s meetings, processes, and interfaces

  • Track Requests for Information (RFIs) to handle the information interchange between teams

  • Manage punchlists to help teams close out work

  • Coordinate and execute work to help teams with Meeting Management

  •  Help teams manage feedback and continuously improve with Sprint Retrospectives

Risk Management

Prevent, Mitigate, and Manage Risks

  • Track risk definitions including impact across cost, schedule, production availability, and recovery steps
  • Manage risks using a bowtie model
    • Break down risk into cause (Why is there potential for Risk), event (What would need to happen for this risk to occur and cause impact), and consequence (What is the effect of this risk occurring)
    • Identify preventative actions to proactively decrease the chance of the risk occuring or mitigate the severity of the impact if it does occur
    • Identify and queue recovery actions to mitigate the consequence if the event occurs

Resource Management

Track and manage the resources that make your project a success – the people! 

  • Load manpower schedules by contractor
  • Consolidate schedules to identify total project headcount, a typically expensive process for the Project Manager
  • Report on schedule specific and project-wide manpower making offshore space easy to track 
  • Manage manpower through side-by-side reporting on quantity and hours by trade, contractor, schedule, and more  

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A Comprehensive Solution Suite

O3’s software solutions are purpose-built for construction and are designed to support your modernization journey. From WorkFace Planning to comprehensive Advanced Work Packaging, Agile Project Management and Digital Transformation, O3 is here to support your project, portfolio, or enterprise initiative. Leading organizations are making the shift from traditional manual processes to automation powered by digital software solutions.

Explore how we can help you achieve your goals through better process combined with world class technology.

The ONTrack solution encompasses the ONTask and ONCourse solutions which includes the following features. Visit each solution separately to learn more.

Slide adjust Project Management
adjust Team Workflow Management
adjust Risk Management
adjust Resource Management
The solution includes: Manage Your Project or Portfolio in an Agile Envrionment AGILE PROJECT MANAGEMENT ON Track ONTrack
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adjust Team Boards
adjust Team Work Tracking
The solution includes: Organize, Automate, and Track Team Performance Against Goals GLOBAL TASK MANAGEMENT ON Task ONTask
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adjust Course Management
adjust Certification Management
adjust Training Goals Tracking
The solution includes: Ensure Your Team Is Trained and Ready for the Job at Hand TRAINING MANAGEMENT ON Course oncourse