Productivity Tracking


Construction time on tools observations are a proven way to measure and track the productivity of a jobsite. Clipboards have been used in the field to collect this data for as long as industrial construction has existed. O3 has revolutionized this process with an innovative approach that leverages mobility, automation and digitization. With O3, Owners, EPCMs, Primary Contractors and 3rd Party Auditors can easily collect and analyze productivity data in real-time. This supports better decision making and more productive job sites.

The Challenges

Field observations are collected and communicated manually, making reports and data obsolete by the time it reaches the appropriate stakeholder. Crews have to cope with lost or inaccurate information and manual reports are error-prone and introduce duplicate entry, which increases the time to capture and communicate data and creates a lag in response time to mitigate issues.

The Solution

O3’s ONTools solution provides real-time observations in the field with tablets and provides reports in a digital dashboard. This information is automatically collected and updated. Live feed back is critical for the accuracy of tool time insights. Dashboards also include comparisons against baselines, averages and tools to identify areas that need to be observed.

The ONTools Solution is one of O3’s stand alone modules that can be added to any other solution and includes:

Tool Time Observation

  • Mobile app for creating and storing “Tool Time Observations”, point in time observations of the activities of individuals in construction crews
  • Easy to use interface to quickly gather, report and track information in real-time

Tool Time Reporting

  • Identify and remove barriers to productivity 
  • Identify productivity-blocking trends on a construction site and report across projects, stakeholders and more
  • Reporting available in real-time and continuously sampled, eliminating weeks-long reporting process and stakeholders the power to perform audits without a 3rd party consultant

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A Comprehensive Solution Suite

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The ONTools Solution is O3’s Productivity Tracking module and includes:

Slide adjust Tool Time Observations
adjust Tool Time Reporting
The solution includes: Collect & Analyze Data Directly from the Field to Improve Productivity MOBILE TOOL TIME TRACKING ON Tools
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