Global Task Management

Organize, Automate, and Track Team Performance Against Goals

The ability to quickly access a single platform to manage, assign, and track all critical actions is paramount for a modern project. Project stakeholders need connected collaborative tools to effectively manage their projects from concept through completion. Globally distributed stakeholders representing multiple organizations require modern web-based tools to support better decision making, increase communication, and get real-time access to valuable information.


Digitizing the way your team interacts daily can improve performance and increase efficiency. Transform the way you communicate with one single platform to organize, track, progress, and manage actions both virtually and in-person – and drastically improve your team’s performance.

The Challenges

Projects are put at risk when stakeholders each manage their own source of truth for prioritizing what needs to be done. Antiquated manual processes that use spreadsheets, whiteboards, and sticky notes turn project managers into cat herders struggling to keep the team moving forward efficiently between meetings.

The Solution

O3’s ONTask solution was purpose-built to track, manage and organize team goals and the tasks required to achieve those objectives. It allows team members to conduct digital meetings with the assistance of dashboards, templates and widgets. Automation allows for workflows to run smoother for reviews and approvals. 

TRUE Work Packaging

The ONTask solution encompasses the ONCourse Solution in addition to the following components:

Task Management

Manage to-do items for a person, team, department, project, or even a company

  • Create tasks and support real time collaboration
  • Break down the scope into smaller sub-tasks to drive collaboration between stakeholders
  • Create custom fields and statuses
  • Build reports on task completion, status, or priority
  • Receive automated alerts and notifications that can be configured based on preferences

Team Boards

Framework to manage tasks, projects, initiatives, and more from one place with a variety of views:

  • List View – simple view for brainstorming and quickly checking off items
  • Card View – kanban board for execution and easy status visualization
  • Gantt View – quick view of date and status over a time line
  • Calendar View – quick view of date and status over a calendar
  • Grid View – powerful review and filtering tool

Team Work Tracking

  • Define your team’s goals, efforts, and bandwidth to effectively visualize effort
  • Tie action plans to individual goals and measure progress
  • Associate AWP Best Practice or custom metrics to goals

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A Comprehensive Solution Suite

O3’s software solutions are purpose-built for construction and are designed to support your modernization journey. From WorkFace Planning to comprehensive Advanced Work Packaging, Agile Project Management and Digital Transformation, O3 is here to support your project, portfolio, or enterprise initiative. Leading organizations are making the shift from traditional manual processes to automation powered by digital software solutions.

Explore how we can help you achieve your goals through better process combined with world class technology.

The ONTask solution includes the ONCourse solution which offers the following features. Visit each solution separately to learn more.

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adjust Team Boards
adjust Team Work Tracking
The solution includes: ONTask Organize, Automate, and Track Team Performance Against Goals GLOBAL TASK MANAGEMENT ON Task
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adjust Course Management
adjust Certification Management
adjust Training Goals Tracking
The solution includes: oncourse Ensure Your Team Is Trained and Ready for the Job at Hand TRAINING MANAGEMENT ON Course