Work Packaging for the Jobsite

Drive Visibility and Accountability During Project Execution

Effective WorkFace Planning requires a single comprehensive tool that can scope, manage, and progress all Installation Work Packages – not just pipe and steel – a across all disciplines, functions, and package phases. ONPace is the first comprehensive WorkFace planning solution that combines sophisticated graphical work packaging with true constraint management, and comprehensive reporting and analysis to identify and resolve problems before they impact productivity.   

The Challenges

Manual workflows, multiple resources, and disparate spreadsheets are error-prone, waste valuable man-hours and reduce visibility into the health and performance of the work packaging process. The package approval process is manual and slow leading to delays of critical work packages. The inability to efficiently track the status and progress of each work package creates confusion, delays work, and contributes to rework.

The Solution

O3’s ONPace Solution is modern WorkFace Planning. ONPace is the only tool available that combines sophisticated graphical work package scoping with true package management. All actions including constraints, approvals, delays, deliverables, and tasks are easily tracked and managed using O3’s purpose-built workflows and automation.

TRUE Work Packaging

The ONPace solution encompasses the ONTrack, ONTask, and ONCourse Solutions in addition to the following components:

WorkFace Planning & Work Package Management

Full lifecycle management of construction-focused work packages

  • Create, develop, manage, and track Construction Work Areas (CWAs), Construction Work Packages (CWPs), Installation Work Packages (IWPs), and Scaffold Work Packages (SWPs)
  • Scope graphical and non-graphical work packages from a single web-based solution
  • Visually organize 3D engineering components into CWAs, CWPs, and IWPs
  • Manage relationships between different package types, such as CWPs and IWPs,
  • Link packages to predecessor and successor work packages and visualize the relationships between different package types
  • Manage and monitor RFIs with automated constraint updates that impact associated work package
  • Track and manage progress with automatically calculated rules of credit, earned value, and rates of placement 
  • Easily align with project controls and integrate with Primavera P6 for schedule updates
  • Seamlessly interface with other systems and data sources including 3D models, materials, fabrication, documents, drawings, cable schedules, instrument indexes, system definitions, and other data repositories
  • Stay up-to-date on drawing revisions with advanced revision control, management, and notifications for drawing status, impacted packages, and impacted parties
  • Subscribe to alerts and notifications for status change, approvals, delays, constraints, deliverables, documents, action items, issues, decisions, and risks
  • Easily audit change history, including person, date, and time of the change


3D Visualization

Combine engineering, design, fabrication, and construction data into a single virtual construction model

  • Easily access, visualize, navigate, and interact with a virtual construction model with only a web-browser
  • Plan, develop, and track CWAs, CWPs, and IWPs using a virtual construction model
  • Organize engineering components into CWAs, CWPs, and IWPs
  • Visualize work package types, scope, status, un-packaged components, construction progress, and systems completion progress
  • View associated EWPs, PWPs, TWPs, TOPs, LWPs, SWPs, and VWPs
  • See constraints including material delivery, status, and availability
  • Visualize component state with construction status tracking
  • View progress with color-coded indicators 
  • Link data from multiple data sources to the model components for visualization and development of the work packages including but not limited to component progress, component drawing status, work package status, weld progress, and cost.       
  • Easily navigate the model hierarchy, search, filter, and query components
  • Quickly measure between points using face, snapping, axis locking, and quick zoom
  • Control the display of individual objects and layers, markup and print their views, and easily share links and model shots

Constraint Management

Purpose-built constraint management across all work package types

  • Easily get started with pre-configured default constraint types based on industry best practices  
  • Capture detailed constraint data to track and manage information across all package types, disciplines, and contractors
  • Manage constraints, delays, approvals, and progress
  • Identify common constraints and sources of delays such as permits, materials, and scaffolding
  • Manage workflows with an assigned owner, due date, and priority
  • Define predecessors and successors to automate constraints for common dependencies
  • Manage tasks with automated alerts and notifications
  • Improve visibility with detailed constraint reporting, dashboards, and analytics with specialized constraint review meeting tools and dashboards
  • View constraint reports by role, such as WorkFace Planner, Construction Management, Project management, and other functions

Reporting & Analytics

Comprehensive reporting and analysis with leading indicators and predictive analytics to identify and resolve problems before they impact project productivity   

  • Leverage default dashboards tailored to support a successful AWP program 
  • Easily configure new dashboards 500+ predefined widgets and 20+ predefined dashboards
  • Easily visualize the AWP program for the entire project by functional group, work package type, discipline, role, or function
  • Measure key performance indicators of constraints, deliverables, work packages, and field productivity with tailored default dashboards
  • Provide focus with role-specific dashboards for all project stakeholders
  • Save and share dashboards with other members of the project team
  • Manage dashboards and reports by company, function, project, or specific area or discipline with robust roles and permissions
  • Provide visibility and accountability across all project stakeholders including Owner / Operator, EPCs, Contractors, Subcontractors, and vendors
  • View the status, leading indicators, and health of the work packaging process by role, team, discipline, or location
  • Track progress by role, team, discipline, contractor, or component
  • View all the information needed to course-correct and optimize AWP outcomes as needed
  • Track delays to identify trends
  • Forecast performance with backlog charts, skyline reporting, and work front buffer graphs
  • Track quantities and report on earned value
  • Configure rules of credit, work steps, rates of placement, key quantities, and estimated, forecasted, and actual hours

Scaffold Management

Comprehensive Scaffold Work Package (SWP) management: request, tags, and package scaffolding to coordinate WorkFace access

  • Build multi-discipline scaffold packages that increase productivity and reduce wasted scaffold re-work in the same areas
  • Track the status of existing, planned, and future scaffolds on the project with scaffold tags 
  • Manage changing needs at the WorkFace with scaffold requests 
  • Leverage SWPs to group scaffold work and manage WorkFace access
  • Manage scaffold constraints by including predecessor/successor work packages and displaying the status of scaffold availability  
  • Easily access scaffold updates across stakeholder groups to manage a historically difficult area of coordination

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A Comprehensive Solution Suite

O3’s software solutions are purpose-built for construction and are designed to support your modernization journey. From WorkFace Planning to comprehensive Advanced Work Packaging, Agile Project Management and Digital Transformation, O3 is here to support your project, portfolio, or enterprise initiative. Leading organizations are making the shift from traditional manual processes to automation powered by digital software solutions.

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The ONPace solution encompasses the ONTrack, ONTask, and ONCourse solutions which includes the following features. Visit each solution separately to learn more.

Slide adjust WorkFace Planning & Work Package Management
adjust Status Visualization for Construction
adjust Constraint Management
adjust Dashboard Reporting & Analytics
adjust Scaffold Management
The solution includes: Drive Visibility and Accountability During Project Execution WORK PACKAGING FOR THE JOBSITE ON Pace ONpace solution
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adjust Team Workflow Management
adjust Risk Management
adjust Resource Management
The solution includes: Manage Your Project or Portfolio in an Agile Envrionment AGILE PROJECT MANAGEMENT ON Track ONTrack
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The solution includes: Organize, Automate, and Track Team Performance Against Goals GLOBAL TASK MANAGEMENT ON Task ONTask
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adjust Training Goals Tracking
The solution includes: Ensure Your Team Is Trained and Ready for the Job at Hand TRAINING MANAGEMENT ON Course oncourse

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