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Access IWPs Digitally in the Field & Capture Progress in Real-time

IWP Release is where AWP hits the field on a job site and is an important final step for construction on an AWP project. O3’s ONField application provides the tools needed to prepare for this release, and access IWPs directly from the job site. The intuitive interface allows Workface Planners to prepare for IWP development by marking up attached PDFs, and provide these IWPs to the Forepersons, who can view and update the IWPs directly from the field. 

Why It's Needed

Manual & Delayed Processes
IWP Release is frequently performed using printed PDFs of IWPs and drawings. This manual process limits two-way communication and leads to potential issues when the IWP is changed and multiple versions of the IWP remain. This limit in communication provides constant challenges to a project in revision management, progress updates, requests for information, and constraint management. As a result, leadership teams are left to make difficult decisions off weeks-old information.

What's Included

IWP Access

  • Access planned IWPs directly from the field, always containing the most up-to-date information

Progress Updates

  • Collect and communicate execution task progress as work occurs

Attachment Annotations

  • Mark up IWPs and drawings with important considerations, as-builts, and other information for quick and easy communication across stakeholders
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Benefits of ONField


up-to-date info for Foreperson


progress updates for Project Exec Team


for WFP & Forepersons

What Makes ONField Different?


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