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Facilities and Portfolio Projects

O3 is the first tool to successfully manage portfolios of small cap projects at existing operating assets. As a cloud-based software application O3 is able to be both comprehensive and lightweight. With no thick client to install, O3’s modern suite of tools can scale from one single project to a portfolio of thousands of projects that extend across an entire global company. O3 is helping companies realize the benefits of standardizing processes across regional teams throughout the entire organization.

The O3 suite of software solutions provides many benefits to small cap projects including:

  • Report standardization across multiple alliance contractors
  • 20% increase in tool time
  • constraint-free package release
  • increased collaboration with modern task management
  • enhanced accountability through team goals and robust dashboard reporting

O3’s tools are specifically designed to support right-sizing best practices to manage small cap projects while also being able to scale up to manage a entire program or portfolio of projects. O3’s software can make your entire business unit measurably more efficient. 

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