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Detailed Design & Procurement Phase

O3 has combined the best of agile project management principles with AWP in order to provide a technology enabled process that adds value directly to engineering and procurement. Traditional AWP implementations in Engineering and procurement are done to provide better visibility to construction into the upstream engineering and procurement related constraints. O3 belives that Engineering and procurement deserve their own purpose-built solution that provides as much direct value to those organizations as workface planning provides to construction and installation.

O3 helps our clients ensure critical equipment, materials, and deliverables are aligned with the sequence and priority of work to be done. Our digital tools help manage bids, tasks, goals, responsibilities, risks, and constraints to become more efficient during the engineering and procurement phases of a project lifecycle.

Our suite of innovative solutions optimize engineering hours by identifying and proactively removing constraints against deliverables including a specific focus on vendor data. O3’s platform also ensures materials and equipment are purchased and delivered on time to support the Path of Construction. 

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