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Commissioning & Startup Phase

O3’s single, modern platform increases efficiency in the field by smoothing the transition from Construction to Testing to Commissioning & Startup (CSU) by providing a clearer line of sight on work sequencing and task priorities. The early, iterative input of Operations and Commissioning into the path of construction helps produce the optimal sequence of turnover and prioritize construction efforts during the installation process.

O3 enables Commissioning & Startup to be significantly more efficient by supporting the early identification and proactive elimination of predecessor constraints. By clearly aligning construction completion with the CSU schedule, O3 clients have realized significant increases in time on tools during Commissioning & Startup as well enhanced visibility and accountability for both Owner and EPC teams.

O3 helps clients “right size” the effort required to execute commissioning and startup activities and supports regular turnover execution readiness reviews. The solution suite brings organization and proactive prioritization to a portion of the project that is often highly reactionary. O3 enables better, more efficient process.

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