The Proven Value of AWP

Make Cost Saving Decisions Based on Complete Information


Procurement Decision Made without Complete Information

When visiting a project site, it was discovered that a compressor house was completely filled with scaffolding. When asked why it was necessary for the scaffolding, it was explained that the cladding panels needed to be insulated. Upon investigation, it was determined that in an effort to reduce costs by $100,000, Procurement did not purchase preinsulated panels. The cost to insulate the panels separately totaled $1,000,000 and added 3
months to the schedule.

AWP + O3 Improvement

In following AWP Best Practice, early input from Construction would have found this issue during the 30% constructability review. The Engineering Work Package would then specify the need for insulated panels to eliminate the chance for this issue to arise during Procurement. O3’s Reporting & Analytics dashboards and scorecards provide visibility and accountability during Interactive Project Planning sessions early in the project.

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